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There are 9 open and raised issues listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-2186 (edit)
filter underdefined
RAISED Investigate undefined behaviour with filters? 2008-11-24 Module: Filters 0
ISSUE-2188 (edit)
RAISED Clarify/correct BackgroundImage 2008-11-25 Module: Filters 1
ISSUE-2193 (edit)
RAISED Clarify "edgeMode" for filter primitives 2008-12-15 Module: Filters 0
ISSUE-2223 (edit)
RAISED Consider Changing BBox Behavior of Filters 2009-02-10 Module: Filters 1
ISSUE-2284 (edit)
RAISED Clarify how the primitive subregion affects the filter input and outputs for all filter primitives 2009-06-24 Module: Filters 0
ISSUE-2285 (edit)
RAISED Resolving @primitiveUnits and z attribute discrepancies 2009-06-29 Module: Filters 0
ISSUE-2286 (edit)
RAISED Resolving relative values in @kernelUnitLength (number-optional-number) 2009-06-29 Module: Filters 0
ISSUE-2321 (edit) RAISED Consider removing/replacing filter margin attributes 2010-04-21 Module: Filters 1
ISSUE-2380 (edit)
RAISED Consider adding feColorRamp filter 2010-10-05 Module: Filters 0

Open Actions

There are 9 open and pending review actions.

ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-2021 (edit) open Add informative implementation tip regarding filter primitive subregion and research the second question in Robert's email and respond to that as well Erik Dahlström 2008-05-22 Module: Filters
ACTION-2039 (edit) open Mark up assertions in current filter module specs Erik Dahlström 2008-05-30 Module: Filters
ACTION-2065 (edit) open Reword the enable-background property example Erik Dahlström 2008-06-19 Module: Filters
ACTION-2066 (edit) open Propose wording that clarifies the use of background image outside of the viewPort bounds Erik Dahlström 2008-06-19 BackgroundImage
ACTION-2196 (edit) open Work with AG on integrating ROC's proposal into the filters spec Erik Dahlström 2008-09-23 Module: Filters
ACTION-2668 (edit) open Make image and find wording for Ola'fs feDistantLight issue Erik Dahlström 2009-09-30 Module: Filters
ACTION-2686 (edit) open Extend the content model for filter primitive elements to allow animate and set, as reported here Erik Dahlström 2009-11-03 Module: Filters
ACTION-2764 (edit) open Allow feMorphology 'radius' with negative and zero values Erik Dahlström 2010-04-21 Module: Filters
ACTION-2785 (edit) open Update filters spec to explicitly say that other specs may extend the set of filter input images (and that the meaning must be defined), Erik Dahlström 2010-05-24 Module: Filters

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