ISSUE-2391: Last Call Comment: better changes appendix

Last Call Comment: better changes appendix

SVG 1.1 F2 Last Call
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Chris Lilley
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Hi everyone,

Again, I'm aware that the last call commenting period ended about a
month ago [1] but here goes: A couple of months ago, I made a few
local modifications in my CVS checkout of the public W3C repository
and, after a hint from Doug stating that the best way to share the
modifications was publishing them somewhere and link to them in the
mailing afterward (instead of sending them as attachments), this ended
up getting lost in my TODO stack. :-(

Although the "Changes" appendix is not normative, I suspect it will be
read over and over given the background from many coming from SVG 1.1;
therefore, I'm sharing a set of minor issues in the hope of polishing
this section as much as possible.

The complete list changes is available verbatim:
* changes.html [2] - complete appendix Q with all local modifications;
* changes.html.patch [3] - patch of modifications against the current
CVS version;
A short description of changes made (possibly not extensive) follows.

1. Trimmed trailing space, as well as other whitespace fixes across
the whole document.

2. Fixed missing comma in:
# Added the following terms: animation elements, animation event
attribute, conditional processing attribute, core attributes, document
event attribute, event attribute, filter primitive attributes, filter
primitive element, gradient element, graphical event attribute, light
source element, structural element text content child element and
XLink attributes.

3. Combined two very similar items:
# Clarified that the item passed into SVGNumberList's 'initialize',
'getItem', 'insertItemBefore', 'replaceItem' and 'appendItem' methods
is live.
# Clarified that the item passed into SVGLengthList's 'initialize',
'getItem', 'insertItemBefore', 'replaceItem' and 'appendItem' methods
is live.
Same in:
# Clarified that the item passed into SVGPointList's 'initialize',
'getItem', 'insertItemBefore', 'replaceItem' and 'appendItem' methods
is live.
# Clarified that the item passed into SVGTransformList's 'initialize',
'getItem', 'insertItemBefore', 'replaceItem' and 'appendItem' methods
is live.

4. Added link in getScreenCTM (for coherence with getBBox which
preceeds in the prose):
# Noted that the 'getScreenCTM' method would have been more aptly
named 'getClientCTM', but that the name is kept for historical reasons

5. Fixed typo in:
# Clarified that SVGTransform's 'matrix' member is like.
("like" --> "live")

6. Broke long list item into subitems:
# Made several clarifications to SVGTextContentElement: Allowed the
last character in a text content element to be measured with
getSubStringLength; Removed the INDEX_SIZE_ERR exception in
selectSubString and getSubStringLength for the cases where nchars is
greater than the number of characters.

7. Added period in:
# Removed restriction for ‘tref’ element on only pointing into an SVG
document fragment

8. Fixed sentence according to content to avoid a minor incoherence:
# Remove confusing language about SVGLoad event triggering and simply
say "The SVGLoad event does not bubble."

Hope this helps,

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Related notes:

ACTION: Accept

Chris Lilley, 9 Dec 2010, 21:20:44

CHANGE-TYPE: Editorial

Chris Lilley, 9 Dec 2010, 21:21:04

RESOLUTION: We will add a new changes appendix with changes since last call, and are open to a fuller additional appendix that lists all changes since first edition, but ask for help in organising this primer-like material.

Chris Lilley, 9 Dec 2010, 21:24:00


Chris Lilley, 13 Jan 2011, 20:40:59

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