Meeting 2008-06

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SVG Interest Group

2008-06 Meeting Agenda

  • Co-Chairs: Doug Schepers, Jeff Schiller

Roll Call and Introductions

  • briefly introduce yourself, let us know your particular areas of interest surrounding SVG

Purpose, Framing

  • discuss purpose of Interest Groups within W3C
  • discuss intentions of SVG IG (including primary activities and more general activities such as "fostering SVG community growth")
  • briefly introduce some of the sub-activities that we will start working on in the short term

Accessibility Activity

  • there is an opportunity to publicize and increase the accessibility of SVG
  • Tasks:
    • determine task force (Jonathan Chetwynd, Jeff Schiller)
    • determine best practices and technical challenges for:
      • making SVG accessible for those with physical and mental disabilities
      • authoring SVG resources that are accessible by people speaking different languages
      • search engine accessibility of SVG content on the web ('regular' search AND image search)
    • publish W3C note covering overall accessibility challenges and opportunities for SVG
      • recommend best practices for authors, services
      • offer improvement suggestions to the SVG WG for consideration in future recommendations
      • engage with toolmakers to drive enhancements (for example, submit ideas and patches to Inkscape)

Designer Feedback Activity

  • We need an effective way to gather feedback from designers about features in SVG
  • feedback should be at a higher level:
    • what "cool effect" or feature do they want to see in the specification?
    • What kind of filter effects, gradients, capabilities do they want?
  • Tasks:
    • gather task force, designers and activity lead (Doug?)
    • Schedule meetings to frame the topic, have discussions, and coalesce ideas

Internationalization and Localization Task Forces

  • SVG engineers and companies should have a way to communicate in their own language and culture
  • use cases and markets vary from country to country, so locals need to be able to help drive spec features
  • dedicated mailing list for each key area
  • local organizers
    • find organizer in Japan, identify key interests

SVG Community Site

  • many websites are interested in being a part of the SVG community
  • we would like to contribute to developing the premier SVG community site
  • Tasks:
    • need to establish people interested in contributing to this activity, including the lead
    • need to establish what the SVG community site needs (i.e. wiki, blog, links, forums)
    • need to establish what software the site will use (i.e. drupal?)
    • need to establish what kind of hosting and ownership the site will have

SVG Torture Tests

  • Acid tests have proven that they are very effective ways of moving interoperability and getting browser developer attention to standards lagging on the web
  • suggestion for a series of tests: visually simple, packed with edge cases and features
  • test subset of features: SVGT 1.1, Text, SMIL, SVGB 1.1, SVGF 1.1 (DOM+Filters), etc
  • need to get specific tests from the community
  • should also test from a CDF/WICD perspective (CDR, etc)

Future Activities

  • SVG Security:
    • how to properly sanitize SVG? best practices and recommendations
  • Layout use cases/reqts

Next Call and Focus?