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The W3C SVG Interest Group is chartered as a public community group to foster adoption, and to provide feedback to the SVG Working Group about important features or enhancements. Anyone dedicated to exploring SVG is invited to join the SVG IG.

Note: The contents of this wiki are the product of the individual members of the SVG Interest Group, and should not be taken to be an endorsement by the W3C as an organization. Everything on this wiki should be considered a work in progress, and no implementation or authoring decisions should be made on the basis of anything found here.

For more info about pages in the Wiki, you can try the Categories page (although it is very incomplete)


The SVG IG charter is publicly available, as is the SVG WG charter.


The SVG Interest Group will communicate via email list, IRC (chat), teleconference, and this wiki. Please see the Communication page for more details.

We also track all issues and action in the public-viewable Issue Tracker.

Mailing List

Though only SVG IG participants can post to the mailing list (public-svg-ig@w3.org), it is publicly archived, and anyone can subscribe to the RSS feed.


IRC Channel: irc://irc.w3.org:6665/ channel #svgig

Web Interface

If you do do not have an IRC client, or have trouble connecting to IRC from behind a firewall, W3C offers a browser-based IRC Web interface (note: you must have a Member or Invited Expert account to use this).

Editing the Wiki

Note that to edit this wiki, you will first have to create an account, and then ask Jeff Schiller or Doug Schepers to grant you edit permissions.


For a current list of participants in the SVG Interest Group, and their areas of interest, please see the participants page. All interested parties are invited to join the SVG Interest Group.

W3C Members are also invited to join the SVG Working Group.


The SVG IG will not produce recommendation-track deliverables, but they may produce other materials, such as tests and W3C Notes, as well as reports to the SVG WG. All work will be done in public. Please see the working list of current activities for more detail.

Japanese SVG Task Force

The SVG IG has a Japanese SVG Task Force whose goal it is to discuss issues about market interest, use cases, and other matters specific to Japan, where the communication is conducted in Japanese.