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The WAIS - WWW gateway

THIS PAGE is OBSOLETE. The WAIS gateway and code is no longer maintained. - TimBL 1998

The W3C Reference Library support direct WAIS access which means that all applications built on top of the Library can serve as a WWW-WAIS gateway. Setting your application up to be able to access WAIS servers requires that you link the W3C Reference Library (libwww) with the freeWAIS library. Even though you do not explicitly link libwww with freeWAIS, your application can still access WAIS servers through another WWW-WAIS gateway. W3C provides such a gateway as a special service. You can find the gateway at http://www.w3.org:8001, please note the special port 8001.This page explains how you can set up your own WWW-WAIS gateway. There are basically two conditions that must be fulfilled in order to do this:

How to build a WAIS Gateway

We provide precompiled binaries for some few platforms. If yours is not among these, or you want to compile it yourself then you must do the a small modification in the Makefile.include file in

	WWW/All/<your platform>/Makefile.include

You simply enable the last 6 lines as indicated in the file by removing the '#' sign from the beginning of the line. An example is

	# WAIS = ../../../freeWAIS

which you modify into

	WAIS = ../../../freeWAIS

Now you must rebuild the W3C Reference Library and your application using the BUILD script. To make sure that everything is rebuilt do the following in the WWW directory

	make clobber

How to configure your W3C httpd as a WAIS Gateway

When setting up the server as a WAIS gateway, it must be setup with separate Pass rules in the configuration file. The rules can be expressed as

	Map	wais://*	/*
	Pass	/*		wais://*

which makes all requests to the server go to the WAIS server. The Map rule makes it work even if the client uses the WAIS gateway as a proxy by issuing the whole wais URL in the request.

In this case, the server can not be used for anything else, and it is exactly what is the case for the WAIS gateway at http://www.w3.org:8001. If you want to use the server as a normal server as well, it can be hidden in the URIs that you use in the HTML documents, for example:

	Pass	/wais/*		wais://*

Then only URIs beginning with /wais/etc. will get forwarded to the WAIS server.

WSRC files

The gateway keeps a cache of WAIS "source" files. These are files describing WAIS servers, and are parsed, and are kept in the directory /usr/local/lib/WAIS under the server name, port, and database name.

They are normally picked up automatically by searching a directory of servers index. Once the gateway has picked up a description of a server, it uses the description to describe the server to those who follow links to it. (See the HTWSRC module of Library of Common Code)

More Information

Tim BL and Henrik Frystyk, October 1995