Gateway Software

NOTE Note: Some of this information may be out of date. It has not been updated since 30 May 1995.

See also: World Wide Web server software , World Wide Web client software

These are servers which provide data extracted from other systems. they are built using code from the basic daemon, or scripts.

ACEDB gateway (see also the french version )
ACEDB is the database program written for the nematode genome project.
FIND gateway
for CERN/VM XFIND which calls a REXX exec to get the information from the XFIND system running on the CERNVM mainframe.
Hytelnet gateway
A gateway to Peter Scott's list of telnet sites
Mail gateway
Should be fully CGI compliant with both POST and GET methods, as well as being rather dynamic in how it functions and is controlled. It is also designed to be run on local servers, rather than to use a central point where people are piped through.
News Indexer
Index a news spool file using gateway to "ni". Mitchel Charity, MIT.
VMS Help gateway
This allows any VMS help files to be made available to WWW clients. Runs on VAX/VMS.
A gateway to information available using the W.A.I.S. protocol.
A server for VMS systems which allows you to write a gateway to your own favorite information system using DCL.
A (big) csh script server providing data including Xerox System33 documents, man pages in plain text, phone numbers, etc. etc...!
A generic server to oracle. Could be used as a basis for gateways to specific Oracle databases.
Gateway to the Geography server at U Michigan
TechInfo is the CWIS from MIT. A gateway exists thanks to Linda Murphy/Upenn.
Lotus Notes gateway from Christopher Davey of IEunet
O2 gateway
for object-oriented databases via OQL query language, from O2 Technology
Mail gateway
at the Byrd Polar Research Center at Ohio State. A CGI script by Doug Stevenson that allows anyone to send mail using a browser with FORM support. There is also a finger gateway.
Mail Robot
A server which will returns any web document by mail, given a request sent by mail.

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