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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1 (edit) closed Draft something about embedding bits Vladimir Levantovsky 2010-05-12
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Put the action plan on the wiki Chris Lilley 2010-05-12
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Change WOFF font to WOFF file throughout Jonathan Kew 2010-05-19
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Reword "The main body" per these minutes in section 2 Jonathan Kew 2010-05-19
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Make proposals to the mailing list for points raised on 12 May call Jonathan Kew 2010-05-19
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Suggest a regrouping of localised extension syntax HÃ¥kon Wium Lie 2010-06-09
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Make an updated woff spec grouping conformance requirements Jonathan Kew 2010-06-09
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Create non-normative best practices appendix Jonathan Kew 2010-06-09
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Ask tpac organisers to reschedule webfonts to thur/fri at tpac Chris Lilley 2010-06-23
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Publish woff spec Chris Lilley 2010-07-28
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Ask about a press release Chris Lilley 2010-07-28
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Clarify that checksums are not checked by a user agent Jonathan Kew 2010-08-11
ACTION-13 (edit) closed T change conformance rwquirements to disallow extraneous data anywhere and require ua to reject a font contasining it Jonathan Kew 2010-08-11
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Merge appendix B & C into section 8. Jonathan Kew 2010-08-24
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Split intro to remove these requirements and insert them into a new section, "normative references" Jonathan Kew 2010-08-24
ACTION-16 (edit) closed S3 Woff header, first entry, add "must be" Jonathan Kew 2010-08-24
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Sec 2, 3rd para - split the wording the wording to have two conformance requirements - extra padding to be rejected on the conversion side and extra padding to be rejected by the UA in the WOFF itself Jonathan Kew 2010-08-24
ACTION-18 (edit) closed S3 Woff header, first entry, actually dont add "must be", instead add "must" to the decriptoin in the following text Jonathan Kew 2010-08-24
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Specify exact algorithm for verifying a valid offset for metadata and private data of S3P5 John Daggett 2010-08-24
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Make a relaxNG schema for the metadata block schema Chris Lilley 2010-08-24
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Check that everything in section 8 correctly references a conformance requirement earlier in the spec. Chris Lilley 2010-08-24
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Appendix A should say this section is non-normative Chris Lilley 2010-08-24
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Verify whether, with zlib, it's possible to have a stream that allows an EOF midstream, so extra data can be padded on mid-stream. Jonathan Kew 2010-08-24
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Work with Chris L on reformatting footnotes section into normative and non normative references Jonathan Kew 2010-08-24
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Tighten the description of the private data block. John Daggett 2010-08-25
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Section 6, license block: change "The license for the font." to "The licensing information for the font." Jonathan Kew 2010-08-25
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Write up a test suite plan Chris Lilley 2010-08-25
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Add to section 8:"UA must reject the WOFF file if the decompressed length of a table does not match that specified in the table directory" Jonathan Kew 2010-09-29
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Review woff faq with chris and vlad John Hudson 2010-10-06
ACTION-30 (edit) closed incorporate new propsed change proposed by jdaggett Jonathan Kew 2010-10-06
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Add a link to the schema proposed by ChrisL Jonathan Kew 2010-10-06
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Create a page for possible agenda topics Chris Lilley 2010-10-06
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Write up the proposed text for WOFF processing model Chris Lilley 2010-10-27
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Add id and class to testable assertions Chris Lilley 2010-10-27
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Add the language expalining that attributes with 'id' as a name should not be treated as element ids. Jonathan Kew 2010-10-27
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Recategorise the general conformance criteria Chris Lilley 2010-11-11
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Get cracking on test suite. Chris Lilley 2010-11-11
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Help with font creation for the test suite. John Daggett 2010-11-11
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Write to iesg suggesting font/ top level type Chris Lilley 2010-11-12
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Add a media type registration remplate for woff, omitting the top level type Chris Lilley 2010-11-12
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Fix up the padding wording per 10 Nov telcon Jonathan Kew 2010-11-17
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Update defination of valid metadata Jonathan Kew 2010-11-17
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Clarify that @id on uniqueid is required Jonathan Kew 2010-11-17
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Clarify schema language in text to say one or more text elements Jonathan Kew 2010-11-17
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Make item element a required chilkd of extension Jonathan Kew 2010-11-17
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Add the two missing conformance statements and split out the stylesheet Chris Lilley 2010-11-17
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Edit the media registration to say application/font-woff Chris Lilley 2010-11-17
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Create UA test for bad metadata Tal Leming 2010-11-24
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Update UA test plan to include new "fringe" tests. Tal Leming 2010-11-24
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Update font format test plan to include new "fringe" tests. Tal Leming 2010-11-24
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Respond to erik muller on namespaces in metadata Chris Lilley 2010-12-08
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Respond to erik muller on pronunciation and sorting Chris Lilley 2010-12-08
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Add a ua assert for decompressed length found to be not what it should be Jonathan Kew 2010-12-15
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Mark sec 4 5th para as ua assert Jonathan Kew 2010-12-15
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Tag decompressible as a ua assert Jonathan Kew 2010-12-15
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Tag wrng size compressed meta as a ua assert Jonathan Kew 2010-12-15
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Respons on issue-14 Jonathan Kew 2011-01-26
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Revise test cases to allow multiple credit elements Tal Leming 2011-01-26
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Respond to I18n-ISSUE-2 Chris Lilley 2011-01-26
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Contact Liam re. XML questions Vladimir Levantovsky 2011-01-26
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Provide samples and respond to I18n Chris Lilley 2011-01-26
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Modify spec text re. div and span in text elements Jonathan Kew 2011-01-26
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Respond to Stephen Zilles re. introduction/normative Chris Lilley 2011-01-26
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Remove normative statements from introduction to new section 'General Requirements' Jonathan Kew 2011-01-26
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Respond to Stephen Zilles re. uniqueid Chris Lilley 2011-01-26
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Edit spec 'this element may be localised' replaced 'this element may be localised using text child element' Jonathan Kew 2011-01-26
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Edit section 6, past paragraph: 'at least one text sub element' replaced by 'at least one text child element'. Jonathan Kew 2011-01-26
ACTION-68 (edit) closed General replacement: 'sub elements' to 'child elements' Jonathan Kew 2011-01-26
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Enquire on email re. removal of summary of conformance requirements Vladimir Levantovsky 2011-01-26
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Replace last sentence of section 7: End of Private Data block must correspond with the end of the last file. Jonathan Kew 2011-02-02
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Clarify Bert Bos' Point 4 Chris Lilley 2011-02-02
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Respond to Bert Bos' Point 5. Jonathan Kew 2011-02-02
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Edit WOFF faq with Johns text incorporating Vlad's corrections Chris Lilley 2011-02-16
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Update disposition of comments Chris Lilley 2011-02-16
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Contact Hakon regarding FO spec John Daggett 2011-02-23
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Ask apple about proposed FO solution Maciej Stachowiak 2011-02-23
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Propose at-risk wording Chris Lilley 2011-03-02
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Respond on Use of attributes for human readable text Chris Lilley 2011-03-23
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Respond on issue-25 Chris Lilley 2011-03-23
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Respond on Use of attributes for human readable text Chris Lilley 2011-03-23
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Provide link for issue-34 Jonathan Kew 2011-03-23
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Add div and span to spec Jonathan Kew 2011-04-13
ACTION-83 (edit) closed to add div and span to RNG Chris Lilley 2011-04-13
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Add an example with license @uri and no text child, validate it Chris Lilley 2011-04-13
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Find out from mac users how to set binary in the commandline cvs Chris Lilley 2011-04-13
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Email the WebFonts WG with the proposed response to ISO Vladimir Levantovsky 2011-04-20
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Add updated at-risk wording to spec Jonathan Kew 2011-05-04
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Add wording on last call issue 34 Jonathan Kew 2011-05-04
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Remove Summary of Conformance Requirements, relocating any notes that seem valuable to keep Jonathan Kew 2011-06-08
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Relocate text describing div and span Jonathan Kew 2011-06-08
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Move BCP47 to normative and change are expected to to SHOULD Jonathan Kew 2011-06-08
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Add expected children of all metadata elements Jonathan Kew 2011-06-08
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Send a liaison to CSS saying that we have a consensus that this feature is best in CSS3 Fonts module and want to see t accepted there so we can reference it Vladimir Levantovsky 2011-06-22
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Add text element descrition Jonathan Kew 2011-06-22
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Modify the test for xml encoding Tal Leming 2011-06-22
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Add the non-normative wording from richard ishida about droppingOT tables Jonathan Kew 2011-06-22
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Add the revised wording on @id Jonathan Kew 2011-06-22
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Propose the third option Chris Lilley 2011-06-22
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Respond to Glenn Chris Lilley 2011-06-22
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Send transition request to CR Chris Lilley 2011-07-20
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Book zakim for the atypi f2f Chris Lilley 2011-09-14
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Chweck phone connectivity with meeting organisers Vladimir Levantovsky 2011-09-14
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Fix metadata* results for free passes Chris Lilley 2011-09-20
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Check on unicorn integration of the woff validator Chris Lilley 2011-09-20
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Check whether Chrome exposes an API to extensions that shows the specific font in use Tab Atkins Jr. 2011-09-20
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Run authoring tools against the at-tests and make report Chris Lilley 2011-09-20
ACTION-107 (edit) closed - WOFF spec edit, remove SOR and CORS identified as features at risk Jonathan Kew 2011-11-23
ACTION-108 (edit) closed - WOFF spec edit, update normative reference section Jonathan Kew 2011-11-23
ACTION-109 (edit) closed Set up a unicorn call for tal Chris Lilley 2012-01-11
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Add woff metadata display to woff validator Tal Leming 2012-01-11
ACTION-111 (edit) closed See what sort of security review has been done on LZMA, and to see if any "real" spec work has been done internally on it. Tab Atkins Jr. 2012-11-08
ACTION-112 (edit) closed See what sort of security review has been done on LZMA, and to see if any "real" spec work has been done internally on it. Sylvain Galineau 2012-11-08
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Ask http-bis folks if they're looked at LZMA, and if so, if they've rejected it as something they don't want to touch, or what. Chris Lilley 2012-11-08
ACTION-114 (edit) closed Finish registration of WOFF1 mime type. Chris Lilley 2012-11-08
ACTION-115 (edit) closed And Vlad to put together the draft for top-level font registration, possibly based on text from previous attempts. Chris Lilley 2012-11-08
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Decoder performance analysis on mobile devices David Kuettel 2016-10-26
ACTION-117 (edit) closed - revisw the encoder and decoder code to build a standalone tools for evaluation Raph Levien 2012-12-05
ACTION-118 (edit) closed Add a meeting page to the wg page for atypi Chris Lilley 2013-09-11
ACTION-119 (edit) closed Update the evaluation report with information from today Chris Lilley 2013-10-18
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Prepare a new draft for top level media type font Vladimir Levantovsky 2013-10-18
ACTION-121 (edit) closed (david) to prepare a new draft for top level media type font David Kuettel 2013-10-18
ACTION-122 (edit) closed Investigate the TTC support as part of the WOFF 2.0 pre-processing mechanism Roderick Sheeter 2014-10-31
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Investigate on-curve point optimization Vladimir Levantovsky 2013-11-13
ACTION-124 (edit) closed Modify the brotli code base to incorporate on-curve point optimization Jonathan Kew 2013-12-18
ACTION-125 (edit) closed Reach out on patent for brotli Chris Lilley 2014-01-15
ACTION-126 (edit) closed Check publication of security review David Kuettel 2014-01-15
ACTION-127 (edit) closed Work with chrisl to try compressing a few svgs with brotli David Kuettel 2014-01-15
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Report on svg binaryxml as a preprocessing step Chris Lilley 2014-01-15
ACTION-129 (edit) closed Prepare a mime type application draft and justification for top-level "font" registration (with Vlad) David Kuettel 2015-01-31
ACTION-130 (edit) closed - contact the atypi organizers and ask if they can host the meeting for ~12 people on sep. 16 Vladimir Levantovsky 2014-06-04
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Mark up woff2 testable assertions Chris Lilley 2014-06-11
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Track progress of Brotli specification to RFC David Kuettel 2014-09-10
ACTION-133 (edit) closed Review the spec edits and finalize the definition of the "nominal size" Raph Levien 2015-01-14
ACTION-134 (edit) closed - edit the spec to reflect the recommended changes Vladimir Levantovsky 2014-09-10
ACTION-135 (edit) closed Check the current reference iomplementation to see what is currently implemented Roderick Sheeter 2014-09-10
ACTION-136 (edit) closed - edit the woff2 uintbase128 description to eliminate possible multiple encoded values and specify that any error conditions must invalidate the font file Vladimir Levantovsky 2014-09-10
ACTION-137 (edit) closed Edit the spec and implement the changes we agreed to during this call (see minutes on sep. 3, 2014) Chris Lilley 2014-09-10
ACTION-138 (edit) closed Review conformance statements for woff 1.0 and transfer the applicable ones over Vladimir Levantovsky 2014-09-17
ACTION-139 (edit) closed Update the disg wording per chris's recommendations (to always remove the table) Vladimir Levantovsky 2014-09-17
ACTION-140 (edit) closed The woff 2.0 encoders must also set bit 11 of the 'flags' field Vladimir Levantovsky 2014-09-17
ACTION-141 (edit) closed Add a normative statement in the loca table section (to firm up) Vladimir Levantovsky 2014-09-17
ACTION-142 (edit) closed Update spec to require bounding box presence Vladimir Levantovsky 2014-09-17
ACTION-143 (edit) closed Update the spec in regards to the bug Vladimir Levantovsky 2014-09-17
ACTION-144 (edit) closed Add langauge to the WOFF2 spec to define how checksum of the 'head' table should be treated Vladimir Levantovsky 2014-09-19
ACTION-145 (edit) closed check padding and alignment in reference implementation Roderick Sheeter 2014-09-21
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Use ietf-w3c liaison to get review and guidance for next steps on brotli id Chris Lilley 2015-01-14
ACTION-147 (edit) closed Update spec for bbox dropping criteria, min max of all coordinates Vladimir Levantovsky 2014-09-23
ACTION-148 (edit) closed Review and edit the conformance test for extraneous data Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-06-11
ACTION-149 (edit) closed Check expectations regarding cts from ietf Chris Lilley 2014-09-23
ACTION-150 (edit) closed Make private data block section clear regarding compression Vladimir Levantovsky 2014-09-23
ACTION-151 (edit) closed Change first paragraph of section 3 to remove reference to private data compression Vladimir Levantovsky 2014-09-23
ACTION-152 (edit) closed Review and update description field of transform glyph table Vladimir Levantovsky 2014-10-15
ACTION-153 (edit) closed Work with vlad to clarify all uses of original length Raph Levien 2015-01-14
ACTION-154 (edit) closed Make a w3c woff2 test repo Chris Lilley 2014-11-04
ACTION-155 (edit) closed Clarify handling of checksum in a font collection Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-01-14
ACTION-156 (edit) closed Draft spec update for ttc support Roderick Sheeter 2015-01-14
ACTION-157 (edit) closed Find out what table ordering mtx applies prior to compression Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-01-14
ACTION-158 (edit) closed Inquire with brotli crew about whether re-ordering input is likely to help or not Roderick Sheeter 2015-01-14
ACTION-159 (edit) closed Motivate raph :d David Kuettel 2015-01-14
ACTION-160 (edit) closed Invite khaled to attend conference calls Roderick Sheeter 2015-02-04
ACTION-161 (edit) closed Edit the spec to integrate the ttc support parts. Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-02-11
ACTION-162 (edit) closed Prepare super final mime type application w/justification Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-02-18
ACTION-163 (edit) closed Rewrite section 5.4 removing nominal size concept Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-03-11
ACTION-164 (edit) closed Bring widely used top-level-type to w3c-ietf liaison Chris Lilley 2015-03-11
ACTION-165 (edit) closed Review spec for language changes to keep spirit of physical table ordering and tables in between glyf and loca Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-03-11
ACTION-166 (edit) closed Modify spec for ttc table order per jonathan kews suggestion Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-03-25
ACTION-167 (edit) closed Finalize mime type application text Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-03-25
ACTION-168 (edit) closed Measure RAM usage for woff2 vs. woff1 Roderick Sheeter 2015-08-19
ACTION-169 (edit) closed Explain CFF compression has no preprocessing so less gain Chris Lilley 2015-04-01
ACTION-170 (edit) closed Give estimate of initial number of tests started Roderick Sheeter 2015-04-01
ACTION-171 (edit) closed Review conformance reqs to ensure they can actually be implemented Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-06-11
ACTION-172 (edit) closed Register font media types Chris Lilley 2016-09-24
ACTION-173 (edit) closed Remove the #conform-mustspecifyglyftablesize requirement and ed note Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-04-29
ACTION-174 (edit) closed Ask webappsec to review woff2 Chris Lilley 2015-10-07
ACTION-175 (edit) closed Add description of tradeoffs in cff preprocessing (desub, etc) Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-05-27
ACTION-176 (edit) closed Test hmtx transformation over google fonts corpus (how many lsb == x-min for all glyfs, what savings) Roderick Sheeter 2015-07-29
ACTION-177 (edit) closed Propose two-bit per table version number Jonathan Kew 2015-06-03
ACTION-178 (edit) closed Add the hmtx transform to spec Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-09-09
ACTION-179 (edit) closed Update conformance statements as per Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-06-10
ACTION-180 (edit) closed Make a new github repo with the compiled output from the test generator Roderick Sheeter 2015-07-15
ACTION-181 (edit) closed Add decoder category to woff2, and add to stylesheet Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-06-16
ACTION-182 (edit) closed Check with barbara re atypi-colocated meeting Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-07-22
ACTION-183 (edit) closed Check with sao paulo google office re hosting a f2f there David Kuettel 2015-07-15
ACTION-184 (edit) closed Add test for valid collection to spec & cts Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-09-09
ACTION-185 (edit) closed Put it in writing Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-09-16
ACTION-186 (edit) closed Try time (decode) and size for null glyf/loca xform vs regular vs woff1 Roderick Sheeter 2016-04-20
ACTION-187 (edit) closed Incorporate jonathans hmtx suggestion into spec Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-10-14
ACTION-188 (edit) closed Update spec for flags, weith glyf and loca treated specially for historical reasons Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-10-20
ACTION-189 (edit) closed Clarify about shared hmtx tables, can only transform if all glyf tables match Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-10-20
ACTION-190 (edit) closed Add conf reqt on at and ff to test for non-transformable shared hmtx with non-atching metrics in the two glyf tables Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-10-20
ACTION-191 (edit) closed Come up with pseudo code for the uint base128 description Roderick Sheeter 2015-12-09
ACTION-192 (edit) closed Insert "4 * floor( (numglyphs + 31) / 32)" Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-12-09
ACTION-193 (edit) closed Known tags must use known tag format Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-12-10
ACTION-194 (edit) closed Investigate the handling of empty glyph records and how it affects the 'hmtx' transform Vladimir Levantovsky 2015-12-23
ACTION-195 (edit) closed Check ua test Roderick Sheeter 2016-03-09
ACTION-196 (edit) closed Review treatment of empty glyphs vs 0-contour glyphs Vladimir Levantovsky 2016-02-17
ACTION-197 (edit) closed Investigate font collections; how are glyf/hmtx shared in practice Sergey Malkin 2016-03-09
ACTION-198 (edit) closed Add conformance clause for must not reject glyf size and original size Vladimir Levantovsky 2016-03-09
ACTION-199 (edit) closed Investigate how we actually verify at tests, particularly how we verify internal handling. Roderick Sheeter 2016-12-14
ACTION-200 (edit) closed Check on status markings (color) of cts Roderick Sheeter 2016-06-15
ACTION-201 (edit) closed Investigate how the result matrix for woff 1 was done Chris Lilley 2016-12-14
ACTION-202 (edit) closed Sort out the google woff2 decoder license David Kuettel 2016-12-14
ACTION-203 (edit) closed Fix the two google woff decoder issues, due in 4 weeks Roderick Sheeter 2017-05-17
ACTION-204 (edit) closed Dig through http archive for woff2 deployment numbers David Kuettel 2017-05-17
ACTION-205 (edit) closed Fix the two google woff decoder issue Roderick Sheeter 2017-05-17
ACTION-206 (edit) closed Investigate and report back on different solutions to progressive font enrichment Myles Maxfield 2019-04-11
ACTION-207 (edit) closed Investigate performance savings by slicing variable-ness Garret Rieger 2019-09-03
ACTION-208 (edit) closed Extend document with discussion on stateful vs stateless approach Garret Rieger 2019-09-03
ACTION-209 (edit) closed Analysis of relationships between codepoints and glyph closure Myles Maxfield 2019-08-19
ACTION-210 (edit) closed Include cost of subsetting in the model Garret Rieger 2019-09-03
ACTION-211 (edit) closed Send links out to his presentation at the f2f Garret Rieger 2019-11-05
ACTION-212 (edit) closed Implement pieces needed to simulate streaming for the test analysis Myles Maxfield 2020-06-08
ACTION-213 (edit) pending review Figure out tool to rearrange font files to enable streaming approach Myles Maxfield 2020-02-24
ACTION-214 (edit) closed Investigate applying compression in the streaming approach Myles Maxfield 2020-08-10
ACTION-215 (edit) closed Work on analysis framework Garret Rieger 2020-09-14
ACTION-216 (edit) closed Implement pieces to enable patch and subset Garret Rieger 2020-02-24
ACTION-217 (edit) closed Implement pieces for simulating current state of the art transfer methods Garret Rieger 2019-12-02
ACTION-218 (edit) closed Investigate use of data from monotype to include in analysis Vladimir Levantovsky 2020-04-13
ACTION-219 (edit) closed Start a repository to house the code Chris Lilley 2019-11-05
ACTION-220 (edit) closed Investigate the creation of a data corpus for use in the analysis. Myles Maxfield 2020-04-13
ACTION-221 (edit) closed 1. publish dataset with glyph id data Garret Rieger 2020-09-28
ACTION-222 (edit) closed 2. explore optimizing patch-subset approach Garret Rieger 2020-08-10
ACTION-223 (edit) closed Integrate updates into streaming framework Myles Maxfield 2020-09-14
ACTION-224 (edit) closed Proposal to evaluate final set of performance numbers within ranges for each network scenario Garret Rieger 2020-09-14
ACTION-225 (edit) closed Research cost function Garret Rieger 2020-10-12
ACTION-226 (edit) closed Collect filesize distribution for report Garret Rieger 2020-10-12
ACTION-227 (edit) closed Write description of sorting for range-request Myles Maxfield 2020-10-13
ACTION-228 (edit) closed Send out different styles of percent reduction graphs Garret Rieger 2020-10-13
ACTION-229 (edit) closed See if we can re-use some existing encoding technology Garret Rieger 2021-02-01
ACTION-230 (edit) open Create a test woff2 file with the new flag6bitmap added for legacy decoder testing Garret Rieger 2021-06-01

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