XML Encryption Syntax and Processing Errata

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About the XML Encryption Specification

This XML Encryption Recommendation has been produced by the W3C XML Encryption Working Group. This document lists the known errata to the Recommendation. Each entry has the following information:

Please report errors in this document to the specification editors and cc: the public email list to xml-encryption@w3.org (public archive).

XML Encryption Syntax and Processing

E01 2003-01-21 (Editorial)
Section 5.4.1 RSA Version 1.5 includes an example in which a CipherData element's content is character data. CipherData's element must be a CipherValue or CipherReference element. Consequently, the example should read:
E02 2003-07-31 (Editorial)
In section 10 References, the XML-DSIG reference includes a hyperlink of "XML-Signature Syntax and Processing" that incorrectly links to the Proposed Recommendation; it should link to the Recommendation as the other links for that reference do.
E03 2003-11-18 (Error)
The XML Encryption schema is missing the definition of DHKeyValue that is in the natural language specification. The schema should be corrected by adding the DHKeyValue element and DHKeyValueType structure from the specification as children of the schema element.
E04 2011-06-20 (Editorial)
In the example in section 2.2.1, EncryptedData with Symmetric Key (KeyName), the EncryptedData element should not be closed at line [s1]. '/>' should be replaced with '>' in the example at that line.
E05 2016-12-09 (Editorial)
In section 2.0 Encryption Overview and Examples (Non-normative), in the XML example the line
<CipherReference URI?>?
should be
<CipherReference URI>?