Decryption Transform for XML-Signature Errata

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About the Decryption Transform for XML-Signature Specification

The Decryption Transform for XML-Signature specification has been produced by the W3C XML Encryption Working Group. This document lists the known errata to the Recommendation. Each entry has the following information:

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Decryption Transform for XML-Signature

E01 2005-03-13 (Editorial):
Paragraph 3 of the description of the decryption transform execution of the XML-Mode decryption transform example (Section 3.3) is refering to the wrong items ([d03], [d04]). It should read: "As a result, D for N is a node-set consisting of the two xenc:EncryptedData elements, dpart-1 ([b03]) and dpart-2 ([b04])...".