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Status of documents

Reviewing Previous Items

  1. Imamura: Does this mean the KeyRetrievalMethod element must not occur within the KeyInfo element of an EncryptedKey element?

    Dillaway proposed text, Reagle included it in the latest proposal.

  2. Eastlake: draft a more complete algorithm section including algorithm profiles and IV checksum cipher data values.

    Done: first draft accomplished, WG should comment.

  3. Maruyama: update the Encryption/Signature Transform. Update Security Considerations, add a scenario or two (and maybe borrow "enc:DataRef" instead of using "EncryptedReference").

    Done: Decryption Transform for XML Signature, WG should comment.

  4. Maruyama: an email exploring the question of our processing model and the relationship between DOM, Infoset, and serialization and the issue related to using current parsers to get a pointer to a byte where element starting "<" is.

    Done: Takeshi reports he believes we should maintain the octet processing model, though it may make DOM/Infoset based implementations more tricky.

    Dillaway: also believes this is the right approach.