W3C   XML Encryption WG

Chair: Joseph Reagle
Note Taker: Joseph Reagle [text]


Status of documents < 5 minutes

Reviewing Boston W3C XML-Encryption Action Items

  1. Reagle: reflect discussions in minutes in Requirements Document.


  2. Reagle and Dillaway: reflect discussion in a new specification draft including schema structures, EncryptedKey as child of KeyInfo, and adding a "hint" attribute for when there's multiple recipients.

    Done (see new issues in spec.)

  3. Eastlake: draft a more complete algorithm section include algorithm profiles and IV checksum cipher text values.

    Pending. At this week, won't be able to post anything until after return.

  4. Maruyama: update the Encryption/Signature Transform. Update Security Considerations, add a scenario or two (and maybe borrow "enc:DataRef" instead of using "EncryptedReference").

    Pending (returning to Japan this week.)

  5. Maruyama: an email exploring the question of our processing model and the relationship between DOM, Infoset, and serialization and the issue related to using current parsers to get a pointer to a byte where element starting "<" is.

    Pending (returning to Japan this week.)

  6. Reagle: "Review the use of a URI versus an ID and NameKey in an EncryptedKey element?"


  7. Reagle: Write an email describing options with respect to reuse of dsig KeyInfo.


  8. Reagle: Inform Don Davis of new requirements document when complete and that issue 6.2 was dropped.



Reagle: can the requirement over streaming media be further specified, hard to understand what it means technically.

Simon: xenc should meet the requirements of a streaming application.

Action Reagle: since this seems more of a coordination issues, lets most this to the coordination section.


We need some explicit schema that indicates an EncryptedKey is valid as either a standalone element or a child of a KeyInfo. -- Dillaway. Ed Simon is willing to help Reagle with this.

Shivaram. missing sections and spellcheck.