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This is W3C's homepage for signed PICS labels (DSig1.0). This Activity has been completed upon the delivery of the following specifications and software code. Present W3C activities are linked from the W3C Homepage (including XML-Signatures).

DSig 1.0


The DSig 1.0 recommendation describes a method of utilizing PICS 1.1 labels with extensions to meet this goal. It also provides detailed usage guidelines for creating PICS 1.1 labels, which are valid DSig 1.0 Signature labels.

DSig 1.0 signature labels inherit both a means of transporting a signature block data and a simple framework for making the machine-readable assertions from the underlying PICS framework. PICS compliant applications can syntactically parse DSig 1.0 signature labels; only cryptographic functions need to be added to PICS-aware applications in order to make use of the semantic content of a DSig signature.

Future work, will extend DSig to other metadata formats such as XML and/or RDF. This will extend the richness of the DSig assertion model.

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Joseph Reagle
19 June 1999

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