New W3C Validator Suite plan and pricing

Based on customers and market comments, we are very happy to introduce a new upgraded W3C Validator Suite plan and pricing

The changes are based on important customer feedback and offers increased flexibility, control and cost savings and is based on Service Credits Plan with 4 packages of page validation.

Credits may be used to validate Web pages on a single or multiple sites, or selected portions of sites.
You decide and allocate your credits accordingly. Additional credits may be added to your account at any time.

We know you trust W3C to provide expert Website validation. We hope this plan and pricing evolution further supports your goal to create a quality Web experience for your Web site users.

If you want to test the service, you are able to come back to your account or to register on:

and 20 free page validations will be credited to your account.

We welcome your feedback and ideas feel free to send us an email to

Thank you for building a better Web,
W3C Validator Suite team
Website Validation by W3C
The same organization that builds Web standards now offers a new way to ensure Web quality.
Web visitors expect a quality experience. Valid sites conform to W3C’s HTML, CSS and Internationalization technology standards. Our free Validator tool helps you check Web pages one at a time. But when you need a quick and easy solution to check a full Web site, certain sections, or multiple sites, try our premium W3C Validator SuiteTM service. Simply enter your URL and see real-time results.

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