Web.br Census published by CGI.br and NIC.br

Titlepage of the Web.br Census study Under the title “Dimensions and characteristics of the Brazilian Web, a study by the gov.br” the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (CGI.br) and the Network Information Center – NIC.br published a study about the size, technology and use of the Brazil Web. The study was conducted by the W3C Brazil Office in cooperation with the Center of Study and Research in Network Technology and Operations (CEPTRO.br).

Vagner Diniz, manager of the W3C Brazil Offices describes the in his introduction the goal and scope of the study as follows: “This study shall contribute to answering several questions, complementing and functioning as starting point for further initiatives. Examples of these questions are: How many websites are there in the Web.br? How big is the Web.br and how does it grow? What types of technologies are used? Where are websites hosted? Are they hosted in Brazil or abroad? Are websites compliant with Web standards, such as HTML and CSS? Are websites accessible? Do they provide IPv6 support? Which technologies are used by server, pages, images, documents, videos, etc.? Are servers synchronized with the Brazilian legal time?” There is a plan to continue and extend the study in the coming years.

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