W3C Members meeting in Korea

The W3C Korea Office held a Korean Member Workshop in Seoul on 21 July 2010. Participants were from the Korean membership as well as from the regional W3C host in Keio University, Tokyo. It was an opportunity to have a face to face membership gathering, and also to share interests and discuss plans for Web standardization activities among the members. The program started with talks on trends of new Web technologies including HTML5 and Augmented Reality on the web. Michael Smith and Kazuyuki Ashimura from W3C team, Keio, presented new features of HTML5 and HTML5 IG activities in Japan. Augmented Reality on the web and some issues to be resolved by standardization were introduced by W3C Korea Office.

The new W3C member, LG Electronics, who joined W3C membership in July 2010, shared their interests and future plans for W3C activities. There was also a session to introduce roles of AC Reps. presented by W3C Korea Office. W3C Korea Office also talked about its future plans and asked for members’ input and suggestions for its efficient operation.

The detailed discussion throughout the workshop can be found from the Korea Office website.

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