W3C Israel office held some developers forum meetups

On February 3 the W3C Israel Office had its first developers forums meetup . The meetup topic was Semantic Web Technologies. An introduction to the semantic web was given by Eyal Sela of the Israeli W3C office. Then, Udi Bouman of Tikal Knowledge presented a live coding session where he had displayed how to develop a semantic data consuming application. Lastly, Lisa Seeman, a W3C invited expert, gave a talk about RDF in use in ARIA – How to use RDF ontologies for better Web interoperability adaptability and accessibility.
Some 60 participants took part in the event.

Two meetups were held in April. The second meetup in of the W3C Israel Office developers forum with 60 participants presented Mobile Web Application Best Practices. The third meetup of the Israeli W3C developers forum about CSS Based Web Design had 72 participants.

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