Internet New Year Event 2010 in Amsterdam

On January 14th the W3C Benelux Office and many local internet and ICT-related organizations jointly organized a new years event in Amsterdam to celebrate the start of the new year. The event took place at NEMO (a Science Museum), Oosterdok 2 in Amsterdam. After a buffet at 18:00 the event started at 19:00 accompanied by a lot of parallel talks and activities. While the main space was reserved for drinks and conversation only there were a lot of interesting ‘lightning talks’ in the lecture hall. A highlight was the “Chairman’s debate” with Olaf Kolkman (NLnet Labs), Erik Huizer (IPv6 Forum), Jan Willem Broekema (ISOC), Peter-Paul Koch (Fronteers), Cees de Laat (Gridforum), Rob Blokzijl (RIPE) and Bert Bakker (OpenDoc Society).

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