Fifth International World Wide Web Conference

May 6-10, 1996, Paris, France


The World Wide Web network Information System is now driving the Internet expansion throughout the World. The World Wide Web was originally created at CERN by Tim Berners-Lee for high-energy physicists and since then, has developed into millions of users from a wide variety of application domains. It is recognized as being of strategic importance for the future development of the global information society.

Since 1994, several International WWW Conferences have been organized:
The Fifth International World Wide Web Conference will take place on May 6-10, 1996 at CNIT-Paris La Défense. The CNIT is one of the largest conference and exhibition centers in Europe, located on the western side of Paris, France.

This event, the largest of its kind, will give a comprehensive picture of all current activity and recent developments around the World Wide Web.

Please note that The International World Wide Web Conference Committee has announced the Sixth International WWW Conference to be held in North America in the Spring of 1997.

Conference Topics

The scope of the Conference includes topics of interest for researchers, developers and users of the World Wide Web. Among others, sample topics are:

Conference Schedule

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In order to attend, you need to register. For your convenience, registration is on-line. Please note that the registration will close when our capacity is reached. To help with your stay in Paris, we have negociated special accomodation arrangements with hotels in the conference area.

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