Fifth International World Wide Web Conference

May 6-10, 1996, Paris, France

"Business on the Web" Invited Speakers

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Thursday 9 May

Invited Presentation 3
Chair: Ira Goldstein - OSF - USA

IS5: Steve Fink (9:30-10:15)
Internet Market Development Manager - Digital Equipment Corporation

Tracking The Small Business Internet Explosion: The Basis For Global Leadership

Small Internet businesses are now playing the leading roll in driving change in the marketplace. Innovative use of Internet technologies and rapidly emerging business models are challenging entrenched businesses and redefining the global playing field. This presentation will use live customer examples from around the globe to illustrate how new technologies and business models are driving change at an unprecented pace. These examples will be used to develop a model for the global marketplace, highlighting issues small businesses, their suppliers, and their competitors must consider.


Steve's focus on business use of the Internet begin 2 1/2 years ago with work leading to the establishment of Digital's Internet Business Group. Among his past responsibilities have been developing and marketing a range of solutions linking customers and suppliers for finance, health care and telecommunications firms. Steve is currently involved in developing next generation Internet opportunities for Digital, focusing on collaboration, electronic commerce, multi-media and communications. This work has brought him in touch with a wide range of projects in Europe, Africa, the Americas, and the Asia/Pacific region. Steve is regularly asked to speak on the Internet, including a presentation to the World Wide Web Consortium Conference in Boston last fall.

IS6: Steven McGeady (10:15-11:00)
Vice President - Intel's Internet Technology

Paradise Lost: Censorship and Centralization on the Web

The World-Wide Web has become the preferred means for distribution of digital information. Advertising firms, graphics artists, and big budgets are now required to create a world-class web site, and small sites go undiscovered and unvisited. Popular sites without deep pockets for hardware are overwhelmed. National governments are attempting censorship and control. Is the Web re-centralizing the Internet? Mr. McGeady, Vice President of Internet Technology Research at Intel Corporation, will discuss the technology being developed at the Intel Architecture Labs and elsewhere to help maintain the distributed, democratic, and innovative nature of the net in the face of the rapid growth and changing nature of the Web.


Steven McGeady is Vice President of Intel's Internet Technology, a part of the Intel Architecture Labs. Mr McGeady's work focuses on technology innovations for end-to-end internetworking solutions. He has led the company in the development of advanced software technology and applications that enable personal computers to transmit, receive, display, and manipulate new types of digital information such as graphics, audio, and interactive video over high-performance full-service digital networks.

Mr. McGeady has served at Intel for 11 years, providing strategic business vision in the area of software applications. His group's accomplishments include the creation of the Indeo Video Software compression technology, the DCI Display Control Interface, key ProShare Personal Conferencing technology, CNN@Work technology, and the Desktop News LAN video capability and the Intercast technology.

Mr. McGeady's technical background comes in part from being an early hacker of UNIX systems, compilers, operating systems, and graphics software, and from being an active Internet user since 1977. He studied physics and philosophy at Reed College in Portland, Oregon.

Mr. McGeady chairs one of Intel's Research Council committees, which oversees Intel-sponsored University research efforts, and currently serves on the International Review Board for the Institute of Systems Science in Singapore.

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