Re: Back-link annotation set scenerio

  >The back-link problem has been in the hypertext literature for a
  >long time and annotation sets offer a potential solution.  It also
  >illustrates a truly gigantic annotation set!

Nice example. But let's make truth-checking:  It is not gigantic;
indeed we know these numbers (cf. http://www.webcrawler.com/). The top
five are 
    1.Yahoo (3855)
    2.Welcome to Netscape (3609)
    3.WebCrawler Searching (3392)
    4.Netscape Now (2392)
    5.The Lycos Home Page: Hunting WWW Information (2021)

In other words, less than 4000 overall; I wouldn't call this gigantic,
although it is pretty large--but maybe this gives an indication of
what it means for an annotation set to be "really large".


- M