Re: Annotations, sets, & servers, and redirects

  >Yes, indeed, the design of my annotation proxy prototype had the
  >concept of organizing the annotation set into a sorted N-ary tree
  >of HTML documents.  The N-ary tree could reside entirely on one
  >HTTP server or it could be structured to span a multitude of servers
  >to distribute load.  Since the annotation set was just a bunch of
  >HTML documents, they could easily be cached by caching proxies.

So, if an annotation set spans more than one server, how does access
control work then.  Consider the case of adding members to access
control groups.  OK, let's design an authorization update protocol.
All security issues considered ?  Really secure ?  Is it worth the
overhead in protocol complexity ?  Are there other solutions to the
hotspot problem to attain the same effect ?  (e.g. replicating sets
and splitting up members over sites once they subscribe--as a
pragmatic one, etc.)

Which examples of likely usages are there for sets which contain
billions of entries ?


Soon less cryptic...Cheers, 

- M