Re: Annotations, sets, & servers, and redirects

> Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to generalize redirects to say that
> in addition to a particular redirect, any other request that matches
> some pattern specified in another header line (Redirect?) is similarly
> redirected.  Roy, are you getting this?

Er, maybe.  I assume you mean something along the line of a tree-forwarding
redirect instead of the fixed Location.  To do that, you would need to define
some form of pattern-replacement rule for the value, e.g.

    Redirect: http://site/prefix  http://newsite/newprefix

for simple prefix replacement.  I'm not sure if that is worth the bother.
We would also need some guarantee that such a response only came from
the owner of <http://site/>, since things like a third-party

    Redirect: http://www.gop.com/ http://house-o-porn/

would be problematic.

.....Roy (more on other topics later)