Re: Redirects

We've quickly side-tracked to an HTTP issue, but we'll probably have
more of these as the annotation protocol is flushed out.

	From: "Roy T. Fielding" <fielding@avron.ICS.UCI.EDU>

	Er, maybe.  I assume you mean something along the line of a
	tree-forwarding redirect instead of the fixed Location.  To do that,
	you would need to define some form of pattern-replacement rule for the
	value, e.g.

	    Redirect: http://site/prefix  http://newsite/newprefix

	for simple prefix replacement.  

Yes, exactly.  This happens to be almost exactly what some servers have in
their configuration files to say how to do redirects.  

	I'm not sure if that is worth the bother.

Giving this info to clients would let them do the redirect themselves -
it's to their advantage to do so.  It's to the server's advantage to
provide this info if it can off-load some requests.  

This redirect is the same kind of thing you were suggesting as a way to
configure clients to replace some URL prefix with some other URL
prefix.  The info just comes from a server rather than from a client
configuration.  There would have to be time-to-live info on it, just as
for any cached info.

	We would also need some guarantee that such a response only came from
	the owner of <http://site/>, 

Absolutely.  But clients can check that easily enough since they made the
initial request to the site.

	.....Roy (more on other topics later)

By all means.