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Bug 768 - Warn about background-color transparent
Summary: Warn about background-color transparent
Alias: None
Product: CSSValidator
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Other (show other bugs)
Version: CSS Validator
Hardware: Other All
: P2 normal
Target Milestone: ---
Assignee: Olivier Thereaux
QA Contact: qa-dev tracking
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Reported: 2004-05-29 18:41 UTC by Bj
Modified: 2010-04-29 05:07 UTC (History)
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Description Bj 2004-05-29 18:41:53 UTC

Alan J. Flavell argued, that the Validator should also complain 'background-
color: transparent' as if background-color has been omitted
Comment 1 Yves Lafon 2005-09-14 15:51:46 UTC
Fixed, see
Comment 2 John Lowe 2006-01-02 20:00:14 UTC
This warning should not be applied. Many websites use background-image for 
backgrounds on their web pages. Thus the background color on links and "H" 
tags and "HR" tags in CSS MUST be "transparent". I have test numerous pages of 
my website against the validator and it comes up with warnings on all of 
my "H", "hr", and "a" tags. The additional comment below from Yves Lafon which 
shows a "fixed" validator works perfectly. Why is it NOT being utilized? Here 
is an example page for you to test on to see WHY this MUST be corrected.

Please look into this and help ALL of us image backgrounded website owners out.
Thank you
Comment 3 Olivier Jeanpierre Voutat 2006-06-13 17:33:20 UTC
I agree with John Lowe. It is the responsability of the designer of the website to use wisely the transparent color. Or if you really want to, it should show a different warning and not the same as no background-color specified.
Comment 4 Rafael Cossovan de Fran 2006-07-10 21:28:07 UTC
I think the John Lowe and Olivier Voutat are right, sometimes we need backgrounds transparents in your website, otherwise he will be strange
No one will fix this?

Remember: We are talking about WEB STANDARDS nothing ESTETIC (of course is essential too, between don't have priority over the standards)
Sorry my english...

Comment 5 Clair Dunn 2006-10-22 15:36:01 UTC
For me the solution is a simple one, if not a happy one. I simply will not be using the CSS Validation Image/Link on my web pages.
Comment 6 kanna 2006-11-05 05:16:03 UTC
I suggest that not "transparent" but "inherit" to warn about.
Comment 7 Olivier Jeanpierre Voutat 2007-03-29 19:50:15 UTC
so which was the final solution to this?
Comment 8 Olivier Thereaux 2007-03-30 02:47:09 UTC
(In reply to comment #7)
> so which was the final solution to this?

No final solution, the change was made by a malicious and/or clueless user batch changing a great number of bugs at the same time. We've reverted the bugs to their normal state.
Comment 9 Olivier Thereaux 2007-07-17 06:15:57 UTC
We moved the "level" of this warning to the lowest level, amongst other warnings of potential accessibility issues. 

I think this is the closest we can get to consensus. 

Moving to [close] this bug.