ISSUE-410: Constraints on #linePadding and #multiRowAlign

Constraints on #linePadding and #multiRowAlign

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Glenn Adams
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"shall not apply" constraints on #linePadding and #multiRowAlign in text profile apply only to implementation, not content; it is intended they be proscribed in content? if so should not use term "apply";
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Related notes:

The intent was to mimic ​TTML styles features, e.g. tts:visibility​, which use the terms "Applies to:" to specify the element(s) to which they apply.

Pierre-Anthony Lemieux, 3 Sep 2015, 04:09:50

Suggested edit: change "SHALL NOT apply to elements other than ..." to "applies to the elements ..."

Nigel Megitt, 8 Oct 2015, 10:15:32

[nigel]: [meeting 2015-10-08] See also Action-432 - it may be possible to avoid the problem by referencing tech3350 v1.1.

8 Oct 2015, 15:09:27

[nigel]: [meeting 2015-10-15] see Action-432 update.

15 Oct 2015, 15:23:12

From my view the wording is correct. It is not a constraint on document structure but on how the implementation must apply the values of the attributes when rendering TTML.

Andreas Tai, 16 Oct 2015, 11:15:00

I am not so sure that is clear Andreas - the introductory text before the features table says that the feature list is intended to constrain document instance conformance. This may be part of a bigger issue, see for example Issue-450 and Issue-452.

However I do think it could be a reasonable response that the answer to Glenn's question is: the 'specifies' bullet proscribes/permits the attribute on the listed elements; AND the 'applies' bullet defines the interpretation (e.g. by a processor) of the attributes. In that case I would still propose to change "SHALL apply" to "applies", at least until a wider solution is agreed for issue-450.

Nigel Megitt, 16 Oct 2015, 11:37:48

Addressed at

Pierre-Anthony Lemieux, 29 Oct 2015, 08:40:04

[nigel]: [meeting 2015-10-30] agreed to say for #linePadding and #multiRowAlign that they shall be applied to p and that they shall be treated as inheritable.

30 Oct 2015, 02:30:53

[nigel]: [meeting 2015-10-30] Also note that issue-450 was resolved so the conformance language problem no longer applies.

30 Oct 2015, 02:32:41

Addressed at

Pierre-Anthony Lemieux, 30 Oct 2015, 02:33:50

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