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ISSUE-341 (open)


ACTION-386: Glenn Adams to Investigate whether region style inheritance from tt is necessary given the ability to redefine initial values (open)
ACTION-396: David Singer to Produce evidence of request for wide review for webvtt, for the archive (open)
ACTION-404: Glenn Adams to Add note to issue 341 to reflect his current thinking (open)
ACTION-441: Andreas Tai to Kick off the analysis work on the vttcue carrying html idea. (open)
ACTION-443: Glenn Adams to Prepare a document showing mapping arib ruby extension features to ttml2 for use as a liaison document to arib. (open)
ACTION-457: Pierre-Anthony Lemieux to Alert Unicode upon publication of IMSC1 (closed)
ACTION-458: Glenn Adams to Create issue re: line height calculation for inline (open)
ACTION-462: Glenn Adams to Create issue on ttml2 to add "mapping from other versions and profiles of ttml" (open)
ACTION-468: Philippe Le Hégaret to Add link to the ttml profiles registry page from the ttwg home page (open)
ACTION-469: Philippe Le Hégaret to Publish the ttml profiles registry as a note and begin the iana registry process (open)
ACTION-470: Nigel Megitt to Update the publications wiki page for the profile registry (pending review)

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