Welcome to Arena beta-2

Arena beta-2 is a prerelease that comes with bugs and shortcomings. Its primary purpose is to be a testbed browser for HTML3, style sheets and the W3C library of common code. Binaries for beta-2b are only available for a limited selection of platforms at this point, but source code is available if you want to compile for yourself.

An internationalized version of Arena has been done by OMRON. You can dowload their source code.

Prerelease beta-3 is now available

Arena Links

Style Sheets

Arena's support for style sheets is now lagging behind the CSS specification. The links below will still work, but don't llok to close at the syntax behind the examples.

New Stuff

Release History

beta-2a released.
beta-2b released.


Lots of bugs have been fixed, many new ones have been added: