Arena: Command Line Options

-icon iconReplace default icon in upper right corner. A file or URL pointing to a gif image can be specified.
This one is too big
-cmUse a separate colormap. This avoids Arena going into grayscale mode when other applications are hogging the colors.Introduced in 0.98.
-nostyleDo not take the <STYLE> tag into account when rendering pages.Introduced in 0.96.
-display X11_displayOpen Arena on a display different from $(DISPLAY).Introduced in 0.95.
-gamma gamma_correctionSet gamma correction factor.Introduced in 0.93.
-noterminalTurns use of command line interaction off.In version 0.93, ftp and user authentication uses command line interaction.
-nomailcapDo not load any mailcap file.Introduced in 0.93.
-nocacheTurn client side file caching off.
-cache cache_dirSet directory for caching. Default is "/tmp".The directory must exist. File chaching is not persistant. Yet.
-printer printer_cmdSet printer command, e.g. "lpr -Ppr1".
-editor editor_cmdSet editor command, e.g "xterm -e vi".The value of the EDITOR environment variable is default. When finished editing, save file and exit the editor. Your changes will not affect the original document.
-badflags #Set the maximum number of HTML bad flags to be reported when editing a document. Badflags appear as comments in the HTML sourceDefault is 5, maximum is 50.
-largeUse large font sizes.
-giantUse giant font sizes.In comparison, the normal size is small, see?
-monoMonochrome mode.
-grayGrayscale mode.
-colorTrue color mode.
-color8232 dither mode.
-debugTurn on debugging information.Quite verbose.