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It allows other application to know what URL is displayed by Arena. It is also possible to give orders to Arena


It uses the X properties, ARENA_LOCATION and ARENA_COMMAND, some other may be added later...


shows the URL and TITLE of the current document.
must only be read by external client.
There are two strings, "URL=<current_url>" and "TITLE=<current_url>".
The exact format is "URL=<url>\0TITLE=>title<\0\0
gives orders to Arena. now only GOTO is implemented
clients must only append data.
each command have parameters and is terminated by a null string
"URL=<new_url>" specifies the location.
"NEW" Opens the URL in a new window.

More functions will be added...

An automatic URL retriever using this scheme has been done. It is called "browser-history"

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