01 April 2024


IrfanA, matatk, PaulG

Meeting minutes

Agenda Review, Membership & Announcements

matatk: will not be in any meetings next week and possibly the week after

matatk: start thinking about TPAC

Github Issues and examples

- Drop requirements vendors resist (maybe pick up in phase2 after support)

- Push for requirements again with few examples (pause/break mostly)

- Merge with CSS speech and resume/restart

- Drop it entirely

mhakkinen: we've been talking about CSS speech since the 90's and there were only 2 implementations and there was never any discussion about support in AT
… a combination spec would fix every use case we have but I don't see that happening
… break is something we find very useful in education space and want to see support despite the issues
… vendors have bumped against data-ssml so 1EdTech has moved forward with it as a spec with one read-aloud tool implementation with a subset of features
… it's close to publish
… that will be out there as a reference point that this use case is needed

matatk: with the "british left" example, we want to group the works semantically which might have another solution.
… (words*)
… css speech could help with that. There was also an issue of the size of spaces would be proportional to the speaking speed rather than something measured in time (s/ms)

mhakkinen: because we're doing this in data-ssml, another spec could co-exist during a transition.
… we (education context) needed this 7 years ago

we'll put a pin in this for now and come back in a week or two to discuss our route forward with the greater team

let's get some consensus soon


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