06 March 2024


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Meeting minutes

Face to Face

AGL: We have a venue, it's near the Internet History Museum (the venue for IIW) on April 19th
… On the Google campus

MikeJones: OpenID is also meeting that morning on the Google campus, presents a conflict for John and I in the morning

AGL: All the details provided should be in an email sent to the list


Simone: Proposes an addendum to the pending charter that includes a formality section regarding security topics (risks, threat modeling, etc). This should be in the template provided.

Simone: The security topics such as the threat model is already included in the specification, so we could reuse that

Tony can work with Simone to reformat the draft to include this

Pull Requests


Discussion with Rolf

There are financial regulatory and fraud concerns that compel this work

Discussion of different solutions that could exist to solve this issue

John: important to have another browser than chrome to support it

Rolf: from a regulatory perspective, the authenticator needs to display it, not the platform

elundberg: there would be value in keeping the name if it can be backwards compatible with existing authenticator implementations

MatthewMiller: we should change the name, txAuthSimple isn't very descriptive

TimCappalli: or accurate, necessarily

elundberg: short extension ID is preferable because it's reflected in CBOR on the wire, some message size limits are as low as ~1KB

TimCappalli: there should be a "type" attribute or similar at least

nadalin: hearing mixed feelings about this proposal

jbradley: how much do we want to expand the scope

TimCappalli: we should hear from banks that they understand this will be inconsistent between platforms
… I suspect they will deem it not useful due to inconsistency

RolfLindemann: I've heard a need for this capability for many use cases

nadalin: adjourn

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