2024 Annual Conference

Machine Learning, WebGPU and Media Technologies

28-29 May 2024 · Shanghai

This is part of the serial events of the "WebEvolve" open forum, initiated by W3C China (Beihang University).


This event revolves around the themes of Machine Learning, WebGPU and Media technologies, with a focus on discussing multimedia technologies, media transport, machine learning, metaverse, immersive Web, WebGPU and related standardization activities on Web. Attendees will share the latest developments in multimedia Web technologies, explore the technological trends in media transport, and delve into how machine learning and GPU acceleration can be used to advance the standardization process on the Web, thereby empowering industrial development. The conference aims to collect use cases and standard requirements from the domestic industry, strengthen exchanges and cooperation between stakeholders, promote the integration of cutting-edge technologies with standards, and drive the establishment and implementation of related standards.

We sincerely invite stakeholders from technology development, standard organization, strategic management, academic research, and other related fields to participate in this conference, to jointly explore the innovation and integration of machine learning, WebGPU and media technologies, as well as to lead the directions of Web standards.

We are now calling for keynote speakers. If you are interested in presenting related topics at this event, please contact us via email to team-beihang-events@w3.org before 15 May 2024.

The meeting will be mainly in Chinese, with some talks in English.

The event is free and open to W3C members, Khronos Group members as well as invited guests. The live webcast is open to public, and we welcome interested parties, esp developers, to participate.

How to participate?

On-site participation: Registration is now closed. See instructions for on-site participants.

Remote participation (no registration required): Live webcasts are available on multiple platformes, as follows:

  • W3C China on bilibili (28-29 May)
  • Microsoft Reactor: bilibili (28-29 May), SegmentFault (28, 29 May), CSDN (28, 29 May), WeChat Channels (28, 29 May)

Meeting venue:

Location: Floor 18, Building 3, Guozheng Center, No. 485 Zhengli Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai. See more information about the meeting venue.

Need help?

If you have any questions or need more details, please contact us via email to team-beihang-events@w3.org or contact the event organizer Zhenjie li (mobile number: 13001110017).