W3C Open Source Software – News for 2024

This is an archive of the W3C Open Source Software release news for the year 2024. Please read the Latest News for up-to-date information.

gb (ghurlbot) version 0.4

2024-02-02 This new version of gb (ghurlbot) can also look up, close and reopen GitHub discussions (in addition to issues and pull requests).

b6+ version 1.93

2024-10-20 The b6+ slide framework has an improved user interface for operating in two-window mode: Previously, the 2 key opened a control window, which could then be used to start a slide show in the original window. Now the 2 key opens a second window and immediately starts the slide show in that window. The original window acts as the control window, until the second window is closed.

There is no change to the operation when using a single window.

There are a few other, smaller changes:

gb (ghurlbot) version 16 January 2024

2024-01-20 This new version of gb (ghurlbot) fixes a bug: The order of the repositories that gb associated with each IRC channel would change when the bot restarted and reconnected to IRC. The order is now preserved.

And gb now reads the due date in an action item slightly differently: The due date no longer needs to be at the start or the end of the issue description on GitHub, but can be anywhere in that description, as long as it is all on one line. This should make it easier for other software that reads or writes action items. As far as known, all existing action items have due dates on one line, so this should not break anything.

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