W3C Open Source Software – News for 2023

This is an archive of the W3C Open Source Software release news for the year 2023. Please read the Latest News for up-to-date information.

b6+ version 1.87

2023-10-08 This version of the b6+ slide framework adds some buttons, so you don't have to remember the keys to start the slide show. When starting the slide show, b6+ now tries to enter fullscreen at the same time, rather than wait for a press of the F or F1 keys. It also adds a button and the D key to switch to dark mode (if the style sheet has rules for dark mode). Depending on the style sheet, this may or may not produce the same colors as switching the desktop to dark mode.

Some other improvements to the user interface include a close button on the popup with help text, allowing double click in the preview window to start the slide show, and leaving the slide show when the Escape key was pressed while in fullscreen.

gb (ghurlbot) version 11 July 2023

2023-07-22 This new version of gb (ghurlbot) answers with a /me message if it was itself addressed with a /me message. Instead of list actions for me it now also accepts list my actions. And you can now use gb to add comments to existing issues. Some error messages and the built-in help have been improved.

scribe.perl (v2) revision 220

2023-07-22 This new version of scribe.perl (v2) accepts the same syntax for action items as ghurlbot, in particular it accepts actions assigned to more than one person. It also allows a new syntax for hyperlinks: [anchor](url), as in MarkDown. It fixes a bug in the link to a video recording in case a recording is started during a meeting (it linked to the wrong time stamp) and has some other small improvements.

AgendaBot version of 17 July 2023

2023-07-22 A new version of AgendaBot is running (experimentally) on the W3C IRC server. This version is adapted to the new layout of the W3C group calandar. It also fixes two bugs: when asked to look for potential agenda items on a mailing list since a given number of weeks, it also looked at much older messages; and when an agenda in a calendar used a numbered list, it didn't return agenda items beyond item 9.

gf-markdown-awk 0.2

2023-06-01 Version 0.2 adds support for HTML's character entities (both named entities, such as é, and numeric entities, such as é).

gf-markdown-awk 0.1

2023-06-01 Version 0.1 of gf-markdown-awk released.

html-xml-utils 8.6

2023-04-25 Version 8.6 of the HTML-XML-utils fixes a bug in one of the regression tests.

html-xml-utils 8.5

2023-02-09 Version 8.5 of the HTML-XML-utils fixes a bug with octal escapes in the separator string (option -s) of hxselect. (Thanks to Jorrit Fahlke for the patch!) hxwls, printlinks and hxcopy now accept white space before and after URLs in various attributes, as required by HTML5.

Version 2023-02-03 of GHURLBot

2023-02-06 GHURLBot can now also look up all issues that satisfy certain criteria: are open, are assigned to given people, have a certain label, etc. (It currently returns at most 100 issues.)

Version 1.66 of b6+

2023-02-06 New features in the slide framework b6+: The F key (in addition to the F1 key) can toggle fullscreen mode. The second, preview window can be used for navigation. The preview window can show a clock with the remaining time for the presentation. The built-in help and the clocks are localized for English, German, French and Dutch. With a suitable server for Server-Sent Events (a.k.a. “EventSource”), slides can now also be remote-controlled. And some minor bug fixes and improvements.

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