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This is an archive of the W3C Open Source Software release news for the year 2022. Please read the Latest News for up-to-date information.

Version 3.0 of Ical2html

2022-04-25 Version 3.0 of Ical2html includes the changes by Johannes Weißl: command line options to set a title on the generated page, to highlight the current day, and to start the week on Monday; and update to libical version 3.

ical2html now also recognizes text in descriptions, summaries and locations that looks like a URL and turns it into a hyperlink.

Version 1.53 of b6+

2022-04-15 The slide framework b6+ can now show a second window with a preview of the current and next slides and speaker notes. During a presentation, you ccould thus show the slides while looking at the preview on a second screen.

html-xml-utils 8.4

2022-04-01 Version 8.4 of the HTML-XML-utils fixes a bug with ::attr() selectors. If hxselect was given multiple, comma-separated selectors, the ::attr() selector only worked on the first selector. (Thanks to Bas Ploeger for the patch!)

html-xml-utils 8.3

2022-02-09 Version 8.3 of the HTML-XML-utils adds some support for parsing HTML to hxpipe: When the option -H is given, hxpipe assumes HTML input rather than XML, which allows it to add implied tags and parse style and script elements as literal (unparsed) text.

hxpipe now also outputs attributes in a normalized order, independent of the order in the input.

And hxpipe, hxnormalize and several others no longer automatically add a <p> element around text that appears in the <body>. (That was required in HTML4, but is not required in HTML5.)

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