Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

11 December 2023


Albert, Becca_Monteleone, DavidSwallow, EA, Eric_hind, Jennie, julierawe, Rain, tburtin

Meeting minutes

<Lisa> next item

Research updates - Becca is putting in changes -

Mental Health - Issue papers - Rashmi has been working on making the proposals in a more digestible form. Lisa has an issue paper and is hoping David will help

Rain update on structure - cancelled last week - now blocked off two working session - available on IRC and happy to work through community group comments. Will add the times

<Rain> Working session 1 will be December 18 10-11am ET

Rain will also send out an email to everyone - then open feedback on week 18th Dec. Working session 1 Dec 18th and 10-11 EST

<Rain> Number 2 will be December 20 (Wednesday) 9:30-11 ET

Second session Dec 20th 9.30-11EST

Will use Coga channel.

Lisa asked if a reminder could be sent out and what is happening etc.

Images and WCAG 3 at normal time this Thurs and Mental Health as well.

Rain will consolidate image and structure as one group. Need to happen together at the moment then split of once structure determined

Julie WCAG 3 and internationalisation - one more conversation with the internationalisation group - feel that there are plan to do what is required but next Thursday discuss the questions in sub group meeting at 11EST

Julie WCAG 3 interesting debate about whether to take WCAG 2.2 and make it in the styling of WCAG 3 but won't happen till 2024 - how to transition - meeting on Jan 9th AG

<julierawe> https://github.com/w3c/wcag3/discussions/34

Jan 16th conformance model discussion - link above

How will the conformance work - what WCAG 3 will look like

Lisa thinks there will be a few of these discussions can become very important as it can lay down the criteria as what will conform... so may limit things to what is usable and only these things will be included.

<julierawe> From that github ticket: When we look across conformance models, it will help to have a set of criteria to use to evaluate and compare the variations. The proposed criteria from the 2011 WAI Symposium on Accessibility Metrics are: Validity - does the overall score reflect the accessibility of the product? Reliability - is the overall score reproducible and consistent? This is often noted in meetings as "repeatability" Sensitivity - does a c[CUT]

<julierawe> Sensitivity - does a change in the score reflect the change in the accessibility? Adequacy - does a small change at the guideline level in accessibility create a small scoring change? Complexity - does it take a reasonable amount of time to test? Additional proposed criteria from AGWG discussion: Equity - Does the approach support equity across disability categories? Comprehension - Is the proposed conformance model easy to understand? What [CUT]

This maybe a problem with what is put into the conformance... what is necessary for the kind of conformance... must be careful to ensure coga is not left out

Julie added Rachaels notes and she said that it will be important to make sure items are not missed.

<Lisa> https://github.com/w3c/wcag3/discussions/34

Lisa asked for volunteers to look at issue 34 - link above

Thinking about coga needs and what might need to be changed

Julie asked if more detailed information will go out in January - this means that the volunteering is needed in early January.

Lisa will look at it all with Julie but need reminders.

David Swallow update on user tools and collaborative tools - issues closed by RT2F?

David has collated feedback which will happen on 18th Dec. Also asked about their research process - shared with coga sometime ago and will share it with David.

Lisa asked if the requests from coga were acted on

<Lisa> next item

<Lisa> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Cu_qVP1WBz2TbsrAjLbbeb55RAlJmu9kfHamriL1Ocs/edit#gid=1686096268

Literary review update - user research documents - old and needs updating.

<Lisa> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Cu_qVP1WBz2TbsrAjLbbeb55RAlJmu9kfHamriL1Ocs/edit#gid=1686096268

Lisa started collecting documents and adding them to the database - link above.

<Lisa> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wu0WYcvCpp-zIz2NzPk2AuTJOrzgh3T4sKQgzCa10ps/edit#heading=h.tzwiganz83f7

Several people have added some updates - week to think about it. Asked if people want to add to research they know about and volunteer to do the research.

Add useful terms to the docs.

Eris asked if all the sources have to be open

Lisa said if closed data need to agree how to reference

Paper behind paywall - put reference in the database and someone else can get access to the paper and do a summary

If the paper is not published - the step project can put it in github or we can have a place holder when it will be published

If it is internal research then write a summary to the list but provide limiting factors to show quality of the research. Anecdotal still useful but need to know context

Jennie volunteered to do one per month Jan, Feb and March -

<Lisa> next item

Lisa was thinking of a working meeting to start on research papers together - several holidays across the USA and Europe. Possibly 18th dec and then 15th Jan 2024 have a research paper time...

Jennie it would be good to have an overview on 15th Dec with links

Julie would also like a short review on 15th Dec.

Tiffany grateful for extra time and checking dates.

Albert +1 to short review and can join on 18th Jan

Becca also likes the short review

Tiffany away on 18th Jan

Planning holidays - no meeting 25th December /1st Jan 2024 - start again on 8th Jan 2024


<Eric_hind> +1

<Rain> +1

<Jennie> +1

<Becca_Monteleone> +1

<Lisa> next item

18th December - working meeting for research document review.

<Lisa> https://github.com/w3c/coga/issues?q=+label%3A%22review+for+next+version%22+

<Lisa> w3c/coga#310

Eric shared screen - 3.10 language issues - Julie and internationalisation work

Julie wanted to be sure that she and Lisa can look at this issue on github. Lisa will tag Julie

There is another issue related to the need to add a new persona with different cultures having different needs

Examples needed for non-native language speakers

Lisa felt the issues were very broad - from spacing and text appearance as well as plain language in other languages.

how to do a litary paper review

Lisa shared her screen and showed all the online docs about the scope, search terms and criteria and then doing the search and finally putting it in the appendix and then the spreadsheet

<Jennie> * EA - Correction may be needed re date of Martin Luther King holiday in US (and therefore working session): January 15

oops thank you

Apologies Martin Luther day 15th Jan so that is the working meeting day rather than a coga meeting

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