Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

04 December 2023


DavidSwallow, julierawe, JustineP, kirkwood, Rain, rashmi, tburtin
albert, EA, eric, jennie, niamh
Eric, justien, JustineP, rashmi

Meeting minutes

<Lisa> presnt+

<Lisa> next item

mental health -Drafting the proposals and drafting issue papers

Rashmi working on Triggers John and David on SocialMedia

and Lisa Safety issue paper

Rain: Structure subgroup will review feedback from Community group
… this Thursday

Julie: Next clear subgroup meeting on decemebr 14th
… Had great meeting at Internationalization subgroup

<Lisa> next item

Lisa: Lisa would volunteer to add papers to the list for research papers to be reviewed
… Idea is to look research paper related with cognitive accessibility, learning disability, dyslexia ,dementia etc..

<julierawe> Lisa, can you share the link to that doc in IRC?

Lisa: Asks Do people want to put down their name to choose research paper to review.

<Lisa> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Cu_qVP1WBz2TbsrAjLbbeb55RAlJmu9kfHamriL1Ocs/edit#gid=1686096268

Lisa: We have to check what have changed from last researches and what need to be updated

Juie: wants to check the list and will put her name down

Lisa: Lets take and set one week to decide to choose and put name to do reviews

Lisa: We have resarch module 8 years ago and few issue papers and we have to review and look at are they up to date and relevant
… We are trying to evaluate how good the research are.
… we can add new research if find some latest perspective

Tiffany: Is already doing papers on alternate communication so Lisa asks to add them to the list.

<Lisa> next item

<julierawe> At the December 12th AGWG meeting, several WCAG2ICT items will be up for review. The item about Redundant Entry in non-web documents and software seems especially relevant to COGA. Here's the link to the item:

Lisa: Everyone can take at least one or two research papers

<julierawe> https://w3c.github.io/wcag2ict/#applying-sc-3-3-7-redundant-entry-to-non-web-documents-and-software

Julie: Redundant entry will be taken in WCAG 3
… in the next meeting of AG

<julierawe> Section title: Applying SC 3.3.7 Redundant Entry to Non-Web Documents and Software

<julierawe> Primary concern: Do the last two exceptions make sense to COGA? Security measures such as preventing a password string from being shown or copied. When creating a password, it should be a unique and complex string and therefore cannot be validated by the author. If the system requires the user to manually create a password that is not displayed, having users re-validate their new string is allowed as an exception. When the previously entered [CUT]

Julie: There are 2 exception section we have to discuss about

<kirkwood> https://w3c.github.io/wcag2ict/#applying-sc-3-3-7-redundant-entry-to-non-web-documents-and-software

<julierawe> https://w3c.github.io/wcag2ict/#applying-sc-3-3-7-redundant-entry-to-non-web-documents-and-software

Julie: The new section covers If you are checkout process with third party authentication...

It does cover there are three exception and as per julie she has concern about the last two
… the exception says that there should be no measure to prevent password from being shown that concern with cognitive disabilities

John: agrees with Julie that it is really matter of concern
… but also says it covers security concerns

<julierawe> https://w3c.github.io/wcag2ict/#applying-sc-3-3-7-redundant-entry-to-non-web-documents-and-software

<Lisa> w3c/wcag2ict#269 -- add your comments

Julie: If anyone has concern can raise concern through github comments

<Rain> +1 that will help

Julie: People can also agree by providing thumbs up if they think its easy

Julie: The very last bullet in the exception is quite confusing and not sure what are they talking about.
… and wants to flag it
… its very hard to propose alternate language

John: David was involved in it and we can contact him
… David Fazio*

Julie: We can ask Rachael for some time to review the concern about exceptions

<Lisa> w3c/wcag2ict#279

<Lisa> next item

Rashmi: Discussing concern about home buttons and how to make them more usable
… people generally use back or next buttons to move between pages
… the home button should be highly visible based on research to prevent disorientation
… bright colors or appealing icons can assist users complete a process
… Does everyone think we should add to existing pattern or add it as a new pattern?

Rain: The concept is good. My concern is that by specifying a home button, we are specifying a solution that might be irrelevant to a user interface.
… One way is to have the browser behavior work as expected.
… example is a word processing interface where a home button would be irrelevant
… We should target what a user might expect based on user flow.

Rashmi: Good point.

Rain: Back function should work as expected, and then there should be a starting point that a user can return to.
… let users go one step back (without returning to beginning of a process) and let users reset to beginning

Rashmi: During back navigation, people keep reading through content. How can we best address?

Lisa: Allow user to return to start of a process?
… Does everyone agree with making this a new pattern?

<Lisa> agree new pattern to make ieaserer to return to starting point

Lisa: or do people want this merged with an existing pattern?

<Lisa> https://www.w3.org/TR/coga-usable/#make-the-site-hierarchy-easy-to-understand-and-navigate-pattern

Lisa: It could be within the site heirarchy pattern

John K: We might be making things ambiguous between start of a process and home page
… seems to make it less impactful

Lisa: To confirm, you would like wording to be "start of a multi-step process"?

John: Yes, why specify a home page?
… seems to be simpler to focus on start of a process

Lisa: Should we have a separate pattern to focus on home page? Having them together might be confusing.

John: Agree

<Lisa> new patern make it easy to find the home page of a process

Lisa: To confirm, we are saying make a new pattern for finding the home page within a process

<Lisa> +1

Lisa: please vote

<kirkwood> homepage/begininning

<Lisa> start page or process (may be a home page)

Rashmi: Home page of a process might be confusing

John: suggest "start of a process"

<rashmi> +1 to john

Rain: The word "page" keeps coming back into discussion, but there might not always be a page in a process. Prefer "start of a process" wording.
… would be good to include "when relevant" where referring to a home page
… not sure if it should be its own pattern
… did research look at complicated processes or simple processes?
… we might want to do additional research to ensure we are looking at future-oriented processes
… I think we need to do more research on complex processes or qualify "when relevant" for the time being

Rashmi: I found articles saying the home link should be mentioned.
… starting point (or home page) should be included in breadcrumbs

Lisa: Let's ask Menal Health subgroup to review and provide a proposal
… I don't think we have a concrete proposal.
… let me know when you would like time on the agenda to review

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