Web Authentication Weekly meeting

01 November 2023


JaiminBhatt, JamesZhang, jfontana, matthewmiller, MichaelJones, plh, selfissued, Tim

Meeting minutes

Next meetings

tony: I added one more date to cancel time. 27 12 2023
… I will send out cancel notices.

Charter Expiration

tony: charter seems to be expiring

Plh: you need a new charter

tony: still open issues.

Plh: how long dill it take to finish
… one more year, 2, 3...

agl: we could call lvel 3 finished and we would still have thing to do.

tony: it is level 3 is finsihed, but no finishing things in githb

plh: do we have all the features for this cycle
… is it good enough to be called finished

MMmiller: trying to work toward L3; need to test this stuff

Tim: we have been workign on it

self-issue: better to include things, rather than stop and start

tony: how log do we want to re-charter for
… get beyond LeverL

plh: let's do the most

plh: is it worth it to ship?


I can see no tech issues

plh we need to be feature complete
… we can already branch, however

agl: there is an on going list of thing coming up

tony: we will not cut today.
… we should keep an eye on changes in charter wording

plh: need two seperate versions

tim: is there a branch?

plh: we will cross the bridge when we get there, re: 2 versions

plh: you can try to get to more than oe implementation.

nina: maybe password manager will help… ?

bradley: that would be a stretch

bradely: cold 1 password be an implemetation to handle


plh: can start on V4 and we can talk about time line

tony: an we can look at browser extentions

tony: any objections.
… put effort behind it tow 2 more years.

Pull requests


akshay creating a situation around device bound keys
… take a look at it again.

akshay: first veriosn ..??

bradley: some might have to accept security keyshave differences.


tony: david is not here.


tony: waiting for David W

tony: john

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