MiniApps WG & CG Joint Meeting

19 October 2023


Dan_Zhou, Martin, QingAn, xfq, xiaoqian
xfq, xiaoqian

Meeting minutes

<xiaoqian> xfq: lifecycle #22, raised by Huawei, what are we going to do with it?

<xiaoqian> dan: shall we ask Zitao about it? to get an update

<xiaoqian> martin: I'll follow up

<xiaoqian> xfq: TAG review, it's still open


martin: issue #67, it's a proposal to include a new normative requirement, please look at the changes in Pull #68
… the UA need to remind the users for their preference, and grand permission

dan: xfq or Martin, could you merge this pull request?

Martin: will do

Dan: I'll double check and approve the changes

martin: #57 is to align with "req-permission", proposed by tomayac
… I'll keep an eye on the progress on WebApp Manifest
… it seems important to me, to align with WebApps

Martin: #53, it's about the horizontal review
… the checklist looks fine to me
… there are still some issues on I18n
… about localisation
… I joined the discussion in TPAC, no consensus yet so far
… I'd like to see a unified solution
… #52 is also important, relative to Packaging
… we should keep it open
… another issue is about app_id
… but we don't use URL
… I'll follow up

Dan: are we going to adopt to this proposal?

Martin: it's good to align with WebApps Manifest, but in MiniApp, id isn't always a URL
… it can be in some other forms, like domain

Dan: understood

Martin: in Android, it can be a domain-separated string
… I'll double check

Dan: thank you

Martin: we need more information for #19, need more use cases
… happy to write down the proposal if there are more requirements

Dan: no problem, I'll provide more use cases and documents

Martin: #4 is related to the I18n issue I mentioned before
… pending on a unified solution

xfq: same as #5 and #6


Martin: #68, this is definitely something we need to do, I submitted a PR #69
… we can merge it if you agree

Dan: agree

Martin: #64, there was a discussion during TPAC
… the Isolation WebApp proposals are helpful to us as well
… we talked about the challenging they raised
… we discussed some potential solution, they were fine with it
… it needs some use cases, testing, proof of concepts
… so that can be a unified solution
… does the group agree with this proposal from Baidu?
… we can continue if we all agree
… shall we move ahead with the existing proposal?

Dan: I think this modification will be huge

Martin: right, we need all the members to look at these changes

xiaoqian: perhaps we can do a CfC for both the English and Chinese web communities

martin: the rest of the issues depend on the TAG review
… the TAG review is the most important one



Dan_Zhou: I updated the explainer and FAQ
… to match the latest spec
… I removed a section to reduce confusion

martin: I'll take a look after the meeting

Dan_Zhou: we can close #12 and #9 after merging the PR


martin: no update

Implementation status

xiaoqian: we had some discussions with plh
… he suggested that we move the specs to CR
… if people are available to implement the specs, they can implement the specs
… this will give people more confidence
… CR means the features are stable
… our priority now is to move the specs to CR
… many specs in other groups are in CR and stable
… do you think we can publish a FPWD for Addressing?

Dan_Zhou: I think it's OK
… not sure if others have comments

martin: I'll review it as soon as possible

xiaoqian: what about other specs, are they OK to move to CR after resolving the TAG's concerns?

martin: for manifest, it's something that's feasible
… only minor changes like alignment with other specs like I mentioned before
… the most important spec is Packaging
… it's the most challenging part
… once we solve this part, I think it's feasible to move it to CR
… we can continue discuss online about the issue

QingAn: Lifecycle is kind of stable
… it's possible to move it to CR
… we can move it to the next step

xiaoqian: do you know if we can get some support from Alibaba or the Ant Group to implement it?

Qing: we can have some offline discussion


xfq: xiaoqian will take over my role in the MiniApps WG very soon
… I'll be full time working on I18n
… there will still be some intersection

next meeting

November 23


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