Pronunciation Task Force Mon, Oct 2, 2023

02 October 2023


Alan, Dee, IrfanA, PaulG, SarahWood

Meeting minutes

zakim clear agenda

zakim clear agenda

Agenda Review, Membership & Announcements

Review Use Cases


based on my reading, we make a strong case for alias in math equations in section 2.2.1. We also make a case for phoneme with homographs.

Dee: in math equations, the pause is needed for things like fractions
… comma punctuation pauses aren't sufficient

Alan: sometimes speech engines will speak a comma

Dee: while it's fine for a screen reader, the punctuation isn't supposed to be ther

Alan: when you make block content, there needs to be a pause: lists, tables, table cells, when telling a story.

Dee: pausing with various lengths is important so the content announces as intended. I have more examples of that. Reading out response options like "B, C, D, E" can be hard to hear.

<IrfanA> me/ test

SarahWood: we don't want to do inventive spellings that will affect Braille displays

Dee: particularly in assessments, it's important that we're not stressing the test-taker's cognitive load with a poor presentation from the speec

Dee: example: using "1 - 3" could be understood as "1,2,3"

Dee: example: using "1 to 3" could be understood as "1,2,3"

Action Items

Github Issues and examples

Other Business

we need support for: phoneme, say-as, break, sub/alias, emphasis (Dee mentioned using prosity volume in several examples that also use a break)

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