Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

02 October 2023


Becca_Monteleone, DavidSwallow, Eric_hind, Jennie, julierawe, JustineP, kirkwood, rashmi

Meeting minutes


<lisa> take up item 2

<lisa> close item 2

<lisa> close item 2

<lisa> next item

WCAG issue to be discussed - a considerable amount of work with changing agendas

Need to get feedback as quickly as possible - settling on main outcomes - going through the various guidelines... settling on outcomes

The aim is to get things into Google docs so we need to respond to the efforst for inclusivity.


Julie added that what would be most helpful would be if a coga member could attend the meetings tomorrow

Need volunteers who are interested in the groups that will be meeting tomorrow.

There is a need for 4 different volunteers.

Been hard to recruit for every subgroups but hard when not enough people available at the times offered.

Please review even if you cannot participate - still important to add comments.

There will be other times to comment as the documents will be moving into GitHub with a google doc - scratchpads may feel a bit hard to make comments on at this time

John K suggested having our own Google doc page to deal with the issues arising as it can be hard when there are so many groups and pages

Lisa shared a single table that provided a focus on critical issues as an example of the idea of having one page with current tasks

John K suggested it was called Coga / WCAG subgroup tracker

Julie mentioned that there was no time for the subgroup meetings.

Rachael said that the first 30 mins will be talked about what is an outcome and then there will be breakout rooms for each sub group

Julie and Katie pulled out a few of the different WCAG 3 subgroup contents that need to be highlighted as being important to coga

<kirkwood> Yes they do all have scratch pads which would be good in our tracker

<Zakim> Rachael, you wanted to respond to Julie

Still need to fill in the subgroup guidelines that we have yet to have been check by coga task force members - Scratch pads can be used to pull out information.

<kirkwood> oh nevermind

Rachael suggested it might be worth waiting until each of the outcomes have been completed as the next version of the drafts being published

<julierawe> Thanks, Rachael--sounds like it makes sense not to compile the lists I mentioned.

Lisa mentioned the need to focus on the outcomes at the moment - two people to review each scratch pad - try to get people into the subgroups if possible.

Lisa asked Rachael about the schedule as it is related to coga task force?

Rachael suggested putting comments at the bottom of the scratch pad. That will make sure it is seen tomorrow by the groups

There will be more opportunity for more detailed comments to be added in the future

Rachael went on to say the Aid Navigation and the other group is Contol Semantics - an email will be sent round but having a couple of people involved in those subgroups would help

John K asked if Consistent Design was one of the groups

Rachael confirmed that it was

Rachael stressed that there is still more time for more comments after the scratch pads have been written up.

Each scratch pad is set up slightly differently but comments need to be at the bottom of the Outcomes section. Look for the last set of outcomes!

<kirkwood> “really looking at last set of outcomes” is a good point

Julie added that it really is a case of seeing if anyone has time today to help out with the comments on the present scratch pad documents

<Rachael> +1 on worthwhile but no need be concerned if not able to.

Lisa mentioned that it would be important to look at the mental health subgroup's work and David S has said he can review it.

<lisa> text apperence https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lQcEsBTyEskhCVergFDHDHLdhSGeMrzpp1W8PErFOjA/edit#heading=h.spr6hfitvd9m

Control and focus appearance and semantics also - EA to review

Text appearance to be reviewed by EA

User Control taken by Eric.

October 10th agenda - provide help needs review - Jennie has reviewed the document

17th October - Julie and John are reviewing Clear Purpose.

<lisa> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oy5Guap5wnMFhp4OPhgGn1ihuHYmksstPqMHMrc_Krg/edit#gid=0

Lisa will review Error notification the full list is available in the spreadsheet link above

Lisa thanked Rachael for all the work

<lisa> reaserch plan https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wu0WYcvCpp-zIz2NzPk2AuTJOrzgh3T4sKQgzCa10ps/edit

Becca's review and moving forward with issue papers is next on the agenda - a research plan is available

Lisa mentioned that more items have been added related to updated research papers and this will be continued - just linking to the resources was not enough - now have a form for research such as the mental health papers. Not sure what format this will all take - still needs to be worked on so keep citations ready for being used in a uniform way

<lisa> next item

Becca shared screen - draft of wayfinding paper.

Becca said that the paper has been available for sometime and added 15 new papers - use cases added / Personas still to be settled upon how these are standardised

Reviewed the challenges and added more information from the previous draft and now has a section on visual spatial function

Proposed solutions not yet reviewed but need to consider the final form to get issues papers published

Lisa said we need to get it to a state where it is possible to have ready for Content Usable - can be made into a wiki page without going through the publication process.

However Lisa suggested that if we want to update all our issues papers for the W3C publication process she will discuss this process with Roy whether it is all the papers or just one.

Updating papers need to go through a specific process - first need to have a discussion but at present publish this mental health paper as a note.

sorry - wayfinding paper NOT mental health

Becca returned to the wayfinding paper and found research for each solution point.

Becca commented on the solutions individually and mentioned multiple means of access both manual, digital, alternative formats and think multimodal.

John K asked if there was a mention about the amount of time it takes to get anywhere - provide information that time it takes should be mentioned up front.

Lisa felt that navigational applications can be quite hard to use and this is not mentioned in the issue paper. Complexity can cause stress and make getting lost even more worrying. Distractions by other items in the apps can also make it harder such as advertisments etc

<kirkwood> just thinking to Lisa’s point are we missing the topic of ‘anxiety’? (not sure)

Need to make developers understand the damage they are doing when there are other items causing a problem when trying to find a way

Becca said that these issues are in the challenges section but not in the solutions

Lisa feel it is not highlighted sufficiently - user story may help fill this gap - main issue may be that a solution has not been added even if it is seen as a challenge. It is a combination of anxiety and cognitive overload at once

<kirkwood> “flooding” may be a good word too.

Becca suggested that an emotional component needs to be added to reinforce the attention to this aspect of wayfinding.

Rashmi suggested that time limit is also an issue - User case when trying to find ones way between two flights ... additional anxiety.

Lisa suggested that it was important to know the reliability that the route provided is accurate - feedback from users etc to build trust in the wayfinding app.

<julierawe> Gotta go to next meeting, thanks, everyone!

<Jennie> Have a good week everyone!

Lisa will send out research plan next week

<kirkwood> well done!

Thank you

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