Venue and accommodation

[Photo of the front of the hotel]

Meliã Sevilla Hotel

Calle Doctor Pedro De Castro 1
41004 Seville

Tel: +34 954 42 15 11

Web site

The W3C block booking is no longer available. Reservations will be made upon availability. Note that the night of the 15th is completely sold out.

Booking method:

Melia booking link

You may also email Meliã reservations or call direct +34 954 42 15 11.

Details about the W3C block booking:

Double for single use:

Double for double use:

The rates include breakfast and wifi.

Cancellation policy:

Alternate hotels:

Hotel Pasarela
Av. de la Borbolla, 11,
41004 Sevilla
Tel: +34 954 41 55 11

At a 2 minute walk from the Melia Sevilla hotel
Rates from 90€ per night

Hotel Sevilla Center
Av. de la Buhaira, 24,
41018 Sevilla, Espagne
Tel: +34 954 54 95 00

At a 10 minute walk from the Melia Sevilla hotel
Rates from 162€ breakfast included

Hotel NH Collection Sevilla
Av. de Diego Martínez Barrio, 8
41013 Sevilla
Tel: +34 954 54 85 00

At a 11 minute walk from the Melia Sevilla hotel
Rates from 190€

Hotel Hesperia
Av. Eduardo Dato, 49,
41018 Sevilla
Tem: +34 954 54 83 00

At a 17 minute walk from the Melia Sevilla hotel
Rates from 147€ breakfast included

See their location on the map.


See information about Seville Airport.

If you need an invitation letter, please send your request to


Taxis are a quick and easy way to get to the Meliã Sevilla hotel from the airport. The trip duration is around 20 minutes.

Seville city taxis apply a Flat Airport Fare for all services between the airport and the city: around 24 euros

Public transportation

The EA bus line (Special Airport, in Spanish ‘Especial Aeropuerto’) is the only bus line that connects Seville Airport with the city of Seville.

The nearest bus stop to the Meliã Sevilla hotel is Avenida Carlos V. The hotel is then at a 6 minute walk.

More details on the Sevilla airport website.


Childcare will be offered at TPAC2023 to make events accessible to parents.

We will provide an inhouse childcare from Monday 11 September until Friday 15 September 2023 between 9:30 and 18:30, provided by Cuidados y Asistencia.

Please let us know the number of children, their age, any meals details (restrictions, if you will provide the meals…) at

The requests for childcare should be sent to us no later than 20 August.

The childcare company will take care of your child with age-appropriate activities.

Information about nannies will be communicated at the end of August to the parents who confirmed the service.

Note: Interested participants accept full responsibility and risk for engaging in childcare services. W3C does not make any representations or assume any liability with respect to these services.


Local information


Here is a list of recommended restaurants near the Melia Hotel. All of them have outdoor seatings available. See their location on the map.


Main power in Spain is 230 V at 50 Hz. Europe standard outlets.


The Wikipedia page about Seville is a good start for learning about the history, touristic attractions and the usual weather in September (average daily low: 18°C; average daily high: 31°C).

See also the:



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