Technical Roadmap at W3C

13 September 2023


cwilso, dezell, Dingwei, Dingwei_, Ege, hadleybeeman, MikeFisk_, Nigel_Megitt, pchampin, plh, scheib, tantek

Meeting minutes

Pick a scribe

plh: Public meeting & notes.

plh: Chairing meeting. Strategy lead at W3C

Pablo from city IC

<florian> Florian Rivoal, Invited Expert, Advisory Board

hadleybeeman: invited expert

<dezell> David Ezell, I'm representing Conexxus in the Convenience Retail industry.

<pchampin> pchampin: Pierre-Antoine Champin, W3C fellow from Inria, strategy team, everything data

scheib: Google Chrome

<hadleybeeman> Hadley Beeman, invited expert, Technical Architecture Group member

<nigel> Nigel Megitt, BBC, co-Chair TTWG, Chair ADCG

cwilso: Google Chrome

<Ege> Ege Korkan, Siemens AG, WoT CG Co-Chair and TF Lead of WoT Thing Description

Carine Bournez

Martin: W3C automotive focus

<MikeFisk_> Mike Fisk, Meta, security

Masakazu Kita... working on epub reading system

Ralph Swick acting CEO W3C

<plh> https://www.w3.org/2023/Talks/TPAC/bk-technical-roadmap/index.html

Introduction slides

plh: Of note, we work on a compatible web, and not competing specifications

plh: Regarding the definition of the web and scope:

plh: Web User agents (browsers) are not the only area.

plh: There is also Web Data. RDF, XML, JSON-LD, .... (see slides)

plh: Often data is consumed software to software, without a user involved.

plh: Technical Needs:

plh: 1. Maintain the current platform. 2. Improve. 3. Expand the scope.

plh: e.g. we had Geolocation, which was fairly stable. Improvements were made but not adopted by all browser agents.

plh: SVG is used widely, but specification not maintained.

plh: expanding into new areas of need. e.g. epub user agents, VR/immersive, and internet connected cars.

<pchampin> and who is the user? the car owner, or the car driver? (not always the same person)

plh: Super apps in china are an area of uncertainty.

plh: AI and generative algorithms have emerging and unknown impact on the web.

plh: Web3: Protocols, URL Scheme are typically done at IETF. W3C favors HTTP. No charter has been proposed for scope of web3.

plh: Proposing a 'Pipeline' community group to identify upcoming technology trends, propose workshops, bring into groups.


<Zakim> nigel, you wanted to ask who is the intended audience for the Vision?

nigel: To what extent is the roadmap affected by financial considerations?

plh: One consideration, not the most important.

nigel: [asking for more nuance or detail]

plh: It's a balancing exercise.

Dingwei_: Would help to setup criterea, and have negative items known as well.

<Zakim> hadleybeeman, you wanted to expand on what I think Nigel is saying

plh: agree

hadleybeeman: How would we avoid a situation where many new financially substantial members might push for a direction not good for the web.

<tantek> +1 strong agreement with hadleybeeman

plh: Mitigation by defining and following principals

MikeFisk_: We can define a roadmap, but will there be capacity to execute on that?

<Zakim> dezell, you wanted to ask about automotive

dezell: A few things...

dezell: Automotive has moved quickly. Expectations 5 years ago differ significantly from today. Automobiles resemble an IOT device todays.

plh: Work in progress on a strategy for automotive. Education needs to be done in the automotive industry.

<tantek> +1 plh

plh: There is a parallel to the media industry. 15 years ago there was a need to inform what the web is.

plh: thus, education first before producing technology.

plh: Mobile devices were divergent for some time until the iPhone

<Zakim> tantek, you wanted to respond to hadleybeeman

tantek: In reply to hadleybeeman:

tantek: We've relied on individuals and Tim as director to resist doing 'the bad things'. The Vision document and taskforce are the transition.

tantek: As a member based organization, we can use the vision document / group, but it will still rely on individuals.

tantek: Regarding Automotive:

<tantek> https://foundation.mozilla.org/en/privacynotincluded/articles/its-official-cars-are-the-worst-product-category-we-have-ever-reviewed-for-privacy/

tantek: Mozilla research

tantek: While browsers as user agents have prioritized users' privacy and data the automotive industry hasn't.

<Zakim> dezell, you wanted to ask about the web application "gap"

dezell: we have been reaching out to automotive manufacturers to evangelize the value of prioritizing these things.

dezell: 2nd question:

<plh> https://github.com/w3c/ping/blob/main/summaries/PING-minutes-20230907.md#1-consent-handling-in-the-context-of-the-w3c-auto-wg-viss-spec-with-guests-from-the-w3c-auto-wg

dezell: Been a fan of Web Applications. They are often better fit vs other application platforms.

dezell: But there are a group of developers who eschew a web app vs native app because there is something they need that CSS(etc) can't do.

<Zakim> nigel, you wanted to ask if we should have a member-visible or public risk analysis of new roadmap items

dezell: Perhaps we can better identify a layer etc to address that.

nigel: When threat analysis is done, how visible is it to members and the public?

plh: There is a mixture. It depends on how problematic the situation is.

plh: EME (encrypted media extensions). Lots of discussion about working in this space. Have developed some positions on this.

plh: Tension on finger printing (user privacy) and web performance.

nigel: Would be helpful to report out clearly, before charter, on concerns and risks. e.g. automotive concerns.

<nigel> also positive signs about potential new work fitting with the vision and principles

Next steps / where discussion continues

plh: We have two taskforces

plh: Incubation

plh: identifying new work, what areas, how fast.

<plh> DingWei

plh: Led by DingWei

<nigel> w/threat analysis/strength, opportunity, threat analysis

<Dingwei_> thanks, need all your help…

<tantek> thank you plh

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