Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

05 June 2023


DavidSwallow, julierawe, JustineP, kirkwood, Rain
Becca, E.A., Eric

Meeting minutes


<Lisa> Zoom ID change. Please use the link on the call page.

<Lisa> https://www.w3.org/2017/08/telecon-info_coga

<Lisa> next item

Lisa: we are at quorum, so going over actions and items briefly

<Lisa> close item 1

<Lisa> next item

Lisa: structure subgroup

<Lisa> scribe rain , lisa

Structure proposal overview document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KHWpKAWOb6p7r-WdrdDUIqFB3BCVnLjRYVcEBM88hPQ/edit#

<Lisa> done a card sort with 4 catagories and outine with 4 tag catagories draft

<Lisa> rain talking us though the doc

<Lisa> Review and comment on the proposed hierarchy before July 6

Lisa: noting that we need to make sure to bring to the task force for review (wll be just after July 6
… also asking that we make the interactive version an editors draft
… talk with Roy about what is possible for this and update accordingly

<Lisa> id ont know if an interactive version can be an editors draft

<Lisa> but we can do both

<Lisa> https://www.w3.org/WAI/WCAG21/quickref/

<Lisa> and editers version on githab

Lisa: thinks we need two outlines, one for the general version and one for the interactive version
… thinks that we need to move the help information into the background
… also need to think about what we've pulled out

Rain: we had decided to put personas in a separate document

Lisa: want to make sure we are documenting what we are removing. Language?

<Lisa> rain will add whats removed

<Lisa> 4 new buckets , from card sorting

<Lisa> john: can we see it

<Lisa> Rain: I have put a screen shot in the document

<Lisa> rain is going over the tags

Lisa: these tags are more to show the proof of concept
… someone who is a javascript programmer may not look at themeselves as an engeineer, so we need to clarify the roles
… also things that are missing like policy maker and management
… user needs can also expand
… a step we have to do as well is to go through the language
… good buckets, but don't have fine tuned thing yet to be sure represents everything and everyone can find them
… so will need to do tweaking

<Lisa> yuser stories and illistration and patterns under each

Lisa: could do with a good use of colors and icons. Maybe each objective has its own color to help you get a feeling quickly for where you are?
… visual support to help you know where you are

<Lisa> rain: that is the design phase

Lisa: when we get the illustrations into the draft we might find they are at the objective level not the pattern level
… for testing, David pointed out that there are a bunch of patterns that are tested together
… testing may need to be at the objective level instead of the pattern level
… found on last one that we only had testing at an objective level
… and there are also different kinds of testing

<Lisa> useer, etc

<Lisa> John: can we have the link

kirkwood: asking for link to the document

link we are reviewing: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KHWpKAWOb6p7r-WdrdDUIqFB3BCVnLjRYVcEBM88hPQ/edit#

<Zakim> Lisa, you wanted to say the interactive version do not need the first parts of the stucture and to and to ask if we cna have visual cures and icons and to say testing might be more patterns at onse

<Lisa> https://docs.google.com/document/d/15HtPkkYx1CIl6bAwP2nsSZKhqTVbqcuMDRz5RmtmvXg/edit#heading=h.f0lpte83z41m

<Lisa> john: what is the exact action

Rain: asking everyone to review the document at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KHWpKAWOb6p7r-WdrdDUIqFB3BCVnLjRYVcEBM88hPQ/edit# before July 6th
… Lisa is adding this to the overall Actions

<Lisa> Focus on the structure , not wording and details

Rain: Request is specifically to look at the overall structure of the document, not the details of the wording

Lisa: feel free to add wording if it comes to you, but the focus is the structure
… don't get hung up too much on getting the wording exactly right

Rain: requesting that everyone give feedback by EOD July 5th so that it is there for the next subgroup meeting on July 6th

<kirkwood> +1 to one version

<Lisa> rain: two versions is very risky, but might not be possible with in w3c

Rain: my dream is that we have one version that can do both, don't know if feasible

Lisa: thought could be that we have version in the editors draft with proper tags so that it gets pulled into the interactive view
… that way we auto-pull

Lisa: working on finding a way to get feedback from people with intellectual disabilities
… currently happening as an initial conversation
… as a group we also need to figure out how we are gathering feedback

<Lisa> next item

<Lisa> close item 3

<Lisa> next item

Kiki: Met last week, and are working on pushing the form for feedback further beyond our community group
… joining the zoom meeting can be difficult for our community
… members are adding more information based on anecdotes, etc.
… member who is part of lots of community groups

Lisa: when can we expect to get user needs and patterns we are missing?
… and it is possible to know or have a scope for what groups have been participating
… either directly or indirectly through lived experience or as a care partner?

Kiki: not sure we will get super explicit, but more people saying "I don't see this general aspect"
… a lot of individuals aren't using the same vernacular we are using

Kiki: one individual is working on describing how fear of pain and failure is a big barrier
… writing a document about that

<Lisa> where and when do we get the results

<Kiki> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12xU2KfO3J5c9fIWenSrYxi87hJtl2OXerWYwyBlR-p0/edit?usp=drive_link

Kiki: link is to the more broad sheet of what has been found
… will check with the group to see if they are comfortable sharing what is represented

Kiki: we do know that there needs to be more broad representation

Lisa: asking Kiki if we want time on this call to talk through the results, or should coga tf individuals join the community group

<julierawe> I have to leave for a 12pm, thanks everyone!

Kiki: will go through the feedback and figure out some more broad strokes

Lisa: we have a document of suggestions for new patterns, does Kiki want to add directly to that?

<Lisa> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CeqiSy3tVDoeBzCG8LpkyFT1fvugGk86JuT6NvfSiAA/edit#heading=h.1kru9t5f0fpj

Kiki: will take a look

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