Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

11 May 2023


Becca_Monteleone, jeanne, JohnRochford, julierawe, Katy, kirkwood

Meeting minutes

<JohnRochford> Julie, would you please email me the Zoom invite info?

<julierawe> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JKJ32DK_A82ahsQ_k0RVPc-ZYpX5uuKtuGOLdo2OqyY/edit#

<julierawe> Jeanne said Rachael confirmed we are OK to share working draft with list of outcomes and 1 test for Common words

<JohnRochford> Julie, would you please email me the Zoom invite info? (Would someone please tell me they are seeing this message?)

<julierawe> Jeanne said the latest thinking is to share the working draft via survey so we get feedback on this is what happens when you narrow the outcomes

<julierawe> John: I'll email you

<JohnRochford> ok tx

<julierawe> John: I just emailed you

We will go through the last 6 items in our outcomes.

<julierawe> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JKJ32DK_A82ahsQ_k0RVPc-ZYpX5uuKtuGOLdo2OqyY/edit#

<JohnRochford> Kirkwood, thank you for helping me get into this meeting.

Julie changed no. 15 to say the more common Topic Sentence as the bold lead in.

Next step on 19 - focus on using White Space and how it gets used.

Becca: should we call it blank space not white space for accuracy.

Julie: Clear background is now separated out as slightly different.

Jeanne: clear background makes it a lot easier to read something.

John R: agrees but it's not always about colour constrast; could also be about patterns.

Yes I think that's clearer now

John K: text over photos is a common problem

John K: amended to - graphic designers do not commonly do this but where it exists it is problematic for people with visual processing issues

John K: worried about scope creep. Important but should this be included in clear language?

<kirkwood> John K/John F

<kirkwood> John F: appearance of test is not plain language

<kirkwood> John F: appearance of text is not plain language

John R: same issue as facial expressions

Becca: number 19 - blank space is an element of visual spacing, and less about visual appearance of text but arrangement of text. Can this be included in chunking?

Julie: if chunking is an outcome, we return to clustering problem

<kirkwood> [my bad. not John F I meant John R, argh] ;)

John R, Jeanne, John K, Katy, Becca recommend removing Clear background from our outcomes

Jeanne thinks no 21 belongs here, rather than elsewhere

Julia: suggests media not document

Julie: audio/media is included in Making Content Usable.

John R: more and more video content

Julie: should the meta description below the video be in plain language

Julie: should navigation of videos via chapters be included here?

John K: plain language summary of videos is very important

John K: in Youtube videos sectioning is built in. We should include in our outcomes.

Julie: should we include it in section lengths?

John R: good to include video in section length. We should review outcomes and think about how it applies to video

Becca: should we change name of this to supplement?

Julie: should change to supplement for numerical concepts too.

Julie: Santina Croniser suggests in margin to include 'avoid infinitives'. Julie to add as an example.

Julie: Will discuss this on Monday COGA group and Jeanne will share further.

<kirkwood> +1

John R: we should practice what we preach and add images where we can.

Julie: agrees. wants to know if general direction is OK first, then when we build this out we can add images.

John R: suggests when we present that we tell people we plan to add images.

<julierawe> rrsagent

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