Spoken Presentation Task Force Teleconference

17 April 2023


Alan, Dee, Irfan, matatk, PaulG, Sarah_Wood

Meeting minutes

matatk: the metaverse standards forum has been gathered and w3c has partnered on several areas including accessibility

Agenda Review, Membership & Announcements

<matatk> ^ more info on metaverse-related standards: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-apa/2023Apr/0010.html

AT Letter

Sarah_Wood: a google doc has been started with Mark and will be shared with others privately to whomever would like to help coordinate contact with AT vendors

<matatk> https://www.w3.org/groups/tf/pronunciation-tf/participants

(private invite will be shared, the doc will not be sent to the list for the privacy of the AT vendors)

Dee: what about other people like John Foliot?

matatk: I'm not sure he's active in the group anymore. Keep it to the people on this call and any regulars who want access.

matatk: a few questions about our process...
… we're using direct personal contacts to get a candid opinion about what we should do (general approach)
… then use all the official channels to move the spec forward
… unless we asked, we can't use their responses publicly.
… Leadership doesn't have a problem with this as long as we aren't considering this a formal feedback process.
… But, we need to make sure we're getting the broadest range of feedback possible.

matatk: ...We can ask people if we can use their feedback publicly. But if it's particularly candid, they may not want to. And eventually, we'll go through the standard process. So, having access to that private doc will help leadership understand the range of folks asked.

matatk: Janina, Roy, and I agreed we can ask all the people we know. But they also suggested we could post a public version of the letter to some lists like the WAI mailing list.


matatk: we can always ask after the fact if we can use their responses but it's probably not likely.

matatk: I'm not sure if that public email in the letter is actually something people can post to. I'll ask.

maybe we could use a google form for public feedback

matatk: they could open an issue on github

but that couldn't be anonymous

matatk: maybe there's a chairs address they could sent it to

Action Items

Github Issues and examples

no new issues/comments in github

Other Business

matatk: May 7 is the deadline to add any other groups to the TPAC agenda. We've already received the request to meet about CSS Speech.

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