Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

05 April 2023


Fredrik, janina, mike_beganyi, niklasegger, PaulG

Meeting minutes

yakim, open next item

Agenda Review & Announcements

<matatk> (raised by janina; I found one link to it) https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-65139406 - ChatGPT banned in Italy over privacy concerns

WoT charter - w3c/wot-charter-drafts#77

matatk: on the WOT charter: Michael McCool invited us to take part in the WOT charter writign concerning a11y.

matatk: It hasn't been merged yet, but it's on the way in.

matatk: There probably will be more issues to file and there are already discussions going on. Please feel free to hop in if you feel you can or want to contribute to the thread.

matatk: If we need to do an APA comment, we probably will.

TPAC 2023 planning - https://www.w3.org/wiki/TPAC/2023

matatk: As discussed last week, there are some ocncerns around how this is going to be affected by Rosh Hashana and so forth.

matatk: Please let us know, specially you in the TFs, whom you'd like to meet with during TPOAC. We already have some agenda form Pronunciation and we'll pass that on ot the organizers in due course.

matatk: We have to tell them (the organizers) first week of May.

Initial list of W3C specs for the Metaverse Standards Register

matatk: Thanks to Michael Cooper for the heads up on this.

matatk: There is an initial list of W3C specs for the Metaverse Standards Register.

matatk: It's an awareness-raising network activity going on trying to figure out all the work gbeing done as pertains to the metaverse.

matatk: We need to provide the people in this activity with all the informationand documents we have that may touch on this type of environment.

matatk: We will send the AURs, also Symbols and so forth.

matatk: This needs to be done by the end of next week.

janina: Thanks to Michael for making sure we didn't let this slide! I'm fully behind the notion that Symbols is mature enough to be part of the mix.

janina: RQTF discussed this in the last hour. Of all of their spedcs they have two they think two are directly related: SAUR (how clos ly you sync audio, video, captions and so on;, they might look a little at update needs as well) as well as the Natural Language AUR and then the XAUR of course.

janina: That's the report form RQTF.

matatk: I had a thought about Content Usable as well, whcih might be something to pass on. Some of it is definitely metaverse related.

matatk: We seem to be talking to a lot of groups about new work now ,and it's good to talk about new developments.

RIP Trackbot! Part 2: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love GitHub Issues

matatk: Dr. Trackbot> How I Learned to Stop ACTIONing and Start Using Github Issues.

matatk: We'll have to settle into some way of tracking actions. Almost certainly we will be using github issues. We will be talking to other WAI groups about stuff like this.

matatk: We'll learn how they approach it, what works, what doesn't. That will be several months at least.

matatk: We'll of course share any best practices down the line.

matatk: Resources for people who are new to github and github issues. We will be on the lookout for accessible resources on this.

matatk: Finally, there are quite a few ways that we could easily see that we in the group could track our issues. The trick is that we would also be able to see what's assigned interms of APA work so that we can track that, and that will probably put some limitations on how we do this tracking. No answers yet.

PaulG: Github discussions are available. It's worth trying out if thats a better format for certain types of interactions when issues aren't quite the right fit.

matatk: That's a really interesting suggestion. We'll definitely consider all available tools and flavours.

PaulG: The mailing list is not my goto. I don't check e-mails all the day, but I'm in github all the time. Issues pertain to a spec or codebase. If we try to decide where work belngs, that conversation could be had in a discussion, and that may be where discussions fill in the gap. It is possible to be moderated, it's threaded, organized and searchable. It would work as well or mayb e better than the list.

<PaulG> example discussion https://github.com/orgs/community/discussions

matatk: This goes into the big pot of tools and approaches to use.

janina: I wasn't familiar with this, because Matt is correct to say whe need to look at all the tooling available. Is it for instance somehow distinguisehd from e-mail in how it handles threading?

PaulG: I posted a link to Github community discussions. This is an example of discussions happening at group level, not inan individual repo. It's not realted specifically to code. In that page, there are categories and they are using all the features. There are reactiosn, threaded discussions, categories, search, sorting, labelling... a lot. There is also a section for highlighted discussions.

PaulG: May be an idea to take a little a11y tour of thewhole thing to see if there is something really inaccessible there.

matatk: APA has a repo, there is a centralized place within the APA work to go for APA issues. It would be easy for Janina, Roy and me to see what's assigned and what's coming up. There isn't such a big problem in that sense. The challenge comes with task forces that maybe don't have a centralized repo or stuff that are cross-group. Right now, we may well start doing like I said with APA tracking. IF you want to contribute under the IP, you need t[CUT]

matatk: [cont.] account linked.

<janina> https://www.w3.org/users/myprofile/connectedaccounts

New Charters Review - https://github.com/w3c/strategy/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3A%22Horizontal+review+requested%22

matatk: There is the issue with the Decentralized Identifiers charter.

matatk: We#re quite happy with the charter apart from ahving to ask if they will kill CAPTCHA. But other than that... well, fine.

Explicit Review Requests - https://github.com/w3c/a11y-request/issues

matatk: Mutli-screen window placement!

<matatk> Multi-Screen Window Placement - w3c/a11y-request#45

matatk: We had a comment back on this thread. We have got some feedback on that, and we wil have a look at that and look for needs to respond or needing to add things.

matatk: @mike_beganyi, @Fredrik: if you want to add examples, please feel free.

CSS Update (Paul) - https://github.com/w3c/css-a11y/issues

<PaulG> w3c/csswg-drafts#8637

PaulG: There was one discussion last week that was interesting, but it doens't have much impact to us. It's about Popover as a new pseudo-class.

PaulG: It's something that exists in the top layer. There was a lot of discussion on what is popped and not. It's a little esoteric.

PaulG: The naming is an issue unto its very own.

PaulG: It doesn't seem to affect a11y, either the name of the entity itself.

Actions Checkin (Specs) - https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/track/actions/open

janina: Speaking of names, we should really change this to Issues Check-in or soemthing.

zaki, open next item

Dangling Spec Review Cleanup - https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/Category:Spec_Review_Assigned

matatk: I need to reply to the ping from ePub about 3.3. We agreed we were happy about 3.3. I'm on the hunt for the e-mail itself.

matatk: There are threads for the issues we've filed and other commetns we#ve made. Plese feel free to chime in.

Task Force & Deliverables Updates

matatk: I don't think there is anything from Adapt in terms of deliverables.

janina: We are going to present an ontology that is the result of an NSF study from a couple years ago. It's about hwochildren learn and learnign patterns. Understanding this might help us in understanding waypoints and othe things.

<matatk> This is the project that janina is mentionoing, which will be presented on the Adapt call on the 17th: CLIPPS - Customized Learning Interface Production from Pedagogic Semantics - Info was provided for us at https://bob-dlc.github.io/clipps/

janina: As a result of this work that has been made known to us through the Web A11y for Children CG.

janina: There is a slide deck and it will probably be interesting. What we are looking for is if we can come up with a strategy to create profiles and auto-adapt to learning styles. It would be really slick if we could do so.

matatk: This is happening on April 17th in the Adapt TF at 10am EST.

matatk: Other TFs? No chagnes on MM, COGA, or RQTF.

janina: RQTF are looking into associatintg different media with streaming content. We're investigating that now. Something has been done proprietary. WE'll look at what Matroska and other containers can do. We have identified one kind fo additional logic we would have to associated like MusicXML.

janina: We do ahve a Wiki page where we are collecting data at this point.

matatk: That's all the TFs for now.

matatk: The significant news is that there will be another TF.

matatk: There is going to be another TF looking after the FAST.

matatk: Both AG and MM may be very much affect3ed by this. There is a lot of stuff to be done. It will be a powerfull, awareness raising tool.

janina: There is already a deliverable out there, a form for accessibility considerations.

janina: AGWG is very dependent on this, especially WCAG3.

Other Business

matatk: We don't have muych time, but pealse say so, and we'll do this next week.

Be done

matatk: We got to the end! Thanks everyone!

matatk: This was really helpful.

matatk: And thanks all for your continuing great work!

matatk: Take care all!

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