Silver Task Force & Community Group

24 March 2023


Chuck, jeanne, kirkwood, Lauriat, Makoto, maryjom, Rachael
jeanne, Shawn

Meeting minutes

Next week in AG

Jeanne: next week AG working group focus on 2.2

highlights of F2F, CSUN, and Axe-Con

Jeanne: any noteworthy discussions about last weeks Axe-con, CSUN etc?


Jeanne: excellent presentations at Axe con. particular if at CSUN register at Ae con for free
… in particular this one:

<jeanne> Jutta Treveranus talk at Axe-Con https://www.deque.com/axe-con/sessions/preparing-accessibility-for-the-future-and-the-present/

Jeanne: highly recommend speaks about impact of WCAG 2.2 in powerful way. long term impact of WCAG 2.2
… very inspiring most about AI and people with disabilities. highly recommnend it
… refences for COGA as well

Mokoto: went to CSUN meet and was fruitful feel. WCAG 3 postion concis and comprhensive

Mokoto: attended sessions at CSUN. number of sessions regarding web accessibility seems to be decreasing maybe because of Axe con because of timing
… good community of web accessibility at CSUN seems to be changing
… attendees seem to be changing
… not bad but getting smaller i felt

Makoto: not really a COVID any more. almost no one wearing masks, big differnce

Jeanne: stopped going to CSUN because of behavior to PWD
… CSUN is important to get info out to community, so have mixed feelings about scale of CSUN reducing

Jenne: thoughts about the face to face?

Create a list of Methods for Error Notification

<jeanne> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jtZaUzLi-jgmGdAypRUeJPzVz_ZUpMO0wdOrORiuO7w/

Jeanne: coming towards end of error notifications

<jeanne> Error Notifications

Jeanne: error notifications document

Jeanne: we have inherited so much from subgroups, placehlder done, user need outcomes section done
… 2 weeks now , did tests and tests for outcomes sketchy for exploratory
… next is methods
… list of methods not necessarily whats in each method
… . from the test section:

<jeanne> Test Section of Error Notificiation

Jeanne: we would like to create the list of methods
… to recap we have 5 potential outcomes 4 built out and 5th needs research
… first notifications are provided
… (going through document about error notification)

<Rachael> always?

<Zakim> Lauriat, you wanted to propose that an app should notify of error only when unable to complete something without user intervention/correction

<Zakim> Rachael, you wanted to argue that an error should be given when the system fails even if the user can't fix it

<Lauriat> +1 to that case as well

Rachael: even if user can’t do something to fix error they should be notified

<Rachael> Might it be easier to define when errors don't need to be presented?

Shawn: including server error please try again in half an hour

<Zakim> Lauriat, you wanted to ask about semantics

<Rachael> +1 to consistent visual and programatic location.

<Rachael> Maybe consistent relative to the view, process or trigger

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