Silver Task Force & Community Group

03 March 2023


Chuck, jeanne, Makoto, maryjom, Rachael, shadi, ToddL

Meeting minutes

the approach of the dreaded US DST change 12 March

JS: daylight saving time coming up!
… this meeting time on US Eastern
… time changes of EU and other regions

<jeanne> Email

Next week in AG

JS: next week's AG agenda
… Accessibility Supported

<jeanne> Editor's Draft Survey

<jeanne> Next weeks Questions on Editor's Draft Survey

CA: will not be holding AGWG on Tuesday 14th due to CSUN

<Rachael> The CSUN agenda and read ahead information is at https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/wiki/Meetings/CSUN_2023

RBM: on 21 and 28st mostly focusing on WCAG 2.2

<maryjom> There is also a WCAG2ICT content review survey currently active that will be discussed on March 21.

JS: see f2f agenda online

MJM: survey by WCAG2ICT too
… please review that as well
… hope to discuss results during March 21st meeting

<jeanne> WCAG2ICT survey:

<maryjom> https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/55145/WCAG2ICT-First-AGWG-review-4-sc/

<jeanne> s/

Makoto presentation on Accessibility Supported

<jeanne> Accessibility supported presentation

<jeanne> ARIA alert support article

<jeanne> Screen Readers support for text level HTML semantics article

[[I have to drop -- my question is how much of this problem space is being covered by ARIA-AT work?]]

<jeanne> ARIA and Assistive Technologies Community Group

<jeanne> ARIA and Assistive Technologies Github Repo

<Chuck> Thank you!

<Zakim> Rachael, you wanted to say that this type of file and documentation would help testers and people learning accessibility as well.

<Chuck> +1 to the complexities with UAAG

<Rachael> UAAG is in our charter so we can explore this type of direction

<Chuck> +1

<Rachael> +1 to the informative approach

<Rachael> Makoto, you may want to add that test suites would be informative to the slides

<Rachael> ...as a way to proactively address those questions

should we rename Error prevention

<jeanne> Error Prevention - Q1 2023

<jeanne> List of Proposed Short Names

<jeanne> jeanne: I propose renaming it to Error Notification

<Chuck> +.5 no objections

<jeanne> document being working

continue the writing process with Tests

<jeanne> Outcome: Notifications provided

<jeanne> Provides notification of an error so users know that an error has occurred.

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Succeeded: s/survey @@@//

Succeeded: s/survey @@@/WCAG2ICT survey:

Succeeded: s|s/||

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