30 January 2023


bruce_bailey, Danielle, JenStrickland, Sheri_B-H, tzviya, wendyreid

Meeting minutes

Review Recommendations Report ahead of presenting to AGWG tomorrow, January 31

JenStrickland: Wendy and Tzviya went through slides since last meeting, looking clean

<JenStrickland> Google Slides Recommendations Report link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1lMYbFlUVhWSKaEnrzUfpozdXybkL2U8jTgWUKq59zjc/edit?usp=sharing

JenStrickland: Going through slides, please add comments during call.
… AGWG meeting tomorrow at 11:00 Boston , please attend if you can.

Just six slides, others welcome to present.

Group consensus for Jen to present.

tzviya: Can we anticipate questions we might anticipate?

Jen: please be encouraged to add comments to slide.

[jen walks through slides]

tzviya: "ethical web design" was a topic from last week and includes much more than accessibility...

HRB is going to get the most discussed proposition

Jen: speed can be one of the values at tension with equitable

bruce shares impression from "ethical design systems" from last week

jen: so much more than we talk about and try in keep in conversation

bruce: i noticed HRB is not action / next stem item -- that might make conversation easier?

tzviya: we do not have a good definition of equity , so that is a stumbling block , but people asking are not looking at bigger picture

Jen: for conversation tomorrow, emphasize that definition can come from community group

Danielle suggests some tweaks for bullet on definition activity

[moving to next steps slide] Jen: community group can work on definition

PWE meeting is just before AGWG

tzviya: early important action item is charter for CG

Jen: Do we agree with presenting to other W3C groups?

tzviya: "Office ours Tuesdays" , coordination calls on Wednesdays

[discussion on "chairs" versus "facilitators"]

JenStrickland: other questions or suggestions ?

Danielle: How do distinguish between process and outcome?

Danielle: more concrete outcome objective might come out of CG conversations

JenStrickland: Is there consequences for lack of equity ?

tzviya: Omnibudman process improvements will help ... AGWG has had recent conversation
… PWE cannot fix everything, but is improving. Behavior like micro aggressions are hard to address

Jen: Any changes for recommendations?

Bruce asks about logistics with AG making recomendation to APA ? But Sheri recommended last week.

Jen: Progressive enhancement might have implications for performance group.

tzviya: That input could happen from Horizontal Review...
… one of the equity issue is that there are equity concerns for WCAG and AG.

wendyreid: It is important to keep track of where this activity and discussion came from...
… there are some tensions, but this activity came from AG face-to-face conversation , and wanting to keep equity better in WCAG 3 (as compared to 2).

JenStrickland: We might recrute Jenne Spellman as she was early adovcate with silver...
… but I have also seen with CSS activities...
… equity needs to be cross-group , equity more than just AGWG. But AGWG at least started this activity.

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